This is Sick (in A Good Way): iMovie on iPhone

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In the latest installment in our series “This is Sick (in a Good Way),” we reacquaint you with iMovie on the iPhone. If you haven’t kept up, this is now a crazy-powerful app.

iMovie on iPhone just officially blew my mind.

No, it’s not Final Cut Pro X; not Adobe Premiere Pro; not Avid; and not DaVinci Resolve (or whatever other non-linear editor you care to mention).

But you know what? iMovie is astounding for what it is on the form factor you find it.

A very highly regarded director – a man I know personally and for whom I have the utmost respect — has written that the ideal starter camera is the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera [B&H | Amazon].

With the greatest humility, I disagree. The ideal starter camera is, to my way of thinking, an iPhone with iMovie on it. Just check out the video below and draw your own conclusions.

Let the flames begin.

How to Edit Video on Your iPhone


Shaky camerawork aside, iPhones pack a pretty heavy punch in the video world. Their cinematic capabilities are simply overshadowed by misconception and an obsession with selfies and filtered snapshots. Here a few tips for editing a slick, professional-looking video from the comfort of your phone, using the surprisingly feature-packed iMovie app. Your Instagram account won’t know what hit it.

Movie on iPhone image 1

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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