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They’re Not Fooling Around: DJI Ronin-M Available for Pre-Order at $1,399!

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I recently wrote in my NAB recap  about gimbals specifically: “…With both price and quality heading toward parity, I suspect we are coming to the point when the determining factor for plunking down your hard-earned cash will be customer service. Can you talk to someone at the other end of the line? Can you get tips and tricks? Strong warranties? In the end, who you want to buy from will become as or more important than the product itself.” At $1,399, the new DJI Ronin-M [B&H | Amazon] makes the point convincingly — and is going to turn a lot of heads (see our quickie take on the DJI Ronin-M at NAB).

The MoVI M5 [B&H | Amazon] has been the low-end  gimbal to beat (in price, not quality), and over the last 12 months or so a number of new entrants on both sides of the Pacific have come into the market with radically more aggressive pricing including the original DJI Ronin [B&H | Amazon]; CAME-TV’s 7800; the newest offering from Yuneec; LetusHelix Jr.; and Defy’s recently introduced G2X, among others).

When we did a side-by-side comparison of the M5 [B&H | Amazon] and the 7800 back in January — the 7800 was THOUSANDS less — we thought the 7800 a very credible alternative, but we also recognized the sophistication of and customer support behind the M5 [B&H | Amazon] .

But a number of folks really wanted to see the Ronin (sorry we couldn’t make that happen) and even now we still want to get our hands on the Defy G2X (see our NAB flash interview with Defy CEO Drew Janes here).

Here’s the thing: at $1,399, the Ronin-M [B&H | Amazon]  makes the original Ronin [B&H | Amazon] a non-starter for many planet5D readers – and may make a number of the other competitors non-starters as well.

But we like competition; we like startups; we like high-touch customer service; and we like to go hands-on.

As soon as we know more, count on us to share it with you.

DJI's Lightweight Ronin M Gimbal Is Way Less Expensive than Everyone Was Expecting

DJI Ronin-M

Via No Film School:

Two weeks back, DJI announced a new addition to their gimbal lineup, the lightweight Ronin M. The only thing that we didn't know was the price. Now we do, and it's quite a bit lower than most of us were expecting.

Just in case you need a refresher on the Ronin M gimbal stabilizer, it's the baby brother to DJI's flagship gimbal, the Ronin. Coming in at half the weight of the original, the Ronin M is built for smaller camera systems weighing up to 8 pounds, which makes it a perfect companion for the mirrorless and DSLR systems that are incredibly popular these days. Here's our coverage of the Ronin M (and DJI's Phantom 3 drone) from NAB:

DJI Showcases the Ronin M Gimbal & the Phantom 3

DJI shows us their affordable gimbal system and the latest 4K-capable flying contraption.

Read full article at No Film School “DJI Showcases the Ronin M Gimbal & the Phantom 3”

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(cover photo credit: snap from No Film School)

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