The Gimbal Wars: The Latest Gimbal from CAME-TV is $898

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In this installment of our just-named series “The Gimbal Wars” we bring you news of the latest CAME-TV gimbals. Our heads our spinning.

I visited China in 2011, where I was both stunned and impressed by what I saw.

Call it the wild, wild east.

Buildings going up on a scale and pace never seen before in the planet’s history. Willy-nilly capitalism breathtaking in its ubiquity, disregard for constraints of every stripe and brutal commercial Darwinism.

Social transformation so rapid that tiny family farm plots – you couldn’t really call them farms — existed side-by-side with brand-new, enormous residential tower complexes and superhighways notable for their endlessness and the utter non-existence of lane discipline. Starchitecture co-existing with industrial pollution that at times kept me indoors.

It was not an environment to be underestimated.

It also became an environment where a slew of gimbal manufacturers popped up, racing to catch up to and eclipse the granddaddy of 3-axis gimbals manufacturers, Freefly and its MōVI family.

The outcome is far from certain. On the one hand Freefly is hardly standing still (see our NAB coverage of Freefly’s Mimic and our recent post about Freefly’s WEDGE). Freefly has a loyal user base, an advanced ecosystem – and a deep track record in big budget films.

On the other hand, none of the other gimbal manufacturers seem to be standing still, and for now price is their primary – and potent — competitive weapon.

We recently covered DJI’s pricing for its new Ronin-M (a pretty stunning $1,399) [B&H | Amazon], yet within days newcomer Gudsen Technology announced the pre-order price for its MOZA Lite gimbal at $988.

And yesterday we got an email from Frank at CAME-TV, telling us about new gimbals with pricing as low as $898 for their CAME-MINI and $888 for their CAME-Single. You may recall that we liked their 7800 gimbal in our 7800 vs MōVI M5 [B&H | Amazon]  walk-off.


Still, I've written recently that as the gaps in price and quality among gimbal vendors narrow, other decision criteria will come to the fore, especially around customer service, continuing innovation and one’s confidence in a particular company’s extended ecosystem.

We live in interesting times.

To learn more about CAME’s latest gimbals, visit their web site.


CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal Camera Support For GH4 A7S BMPCC


1- 3 Axis, joystick control,updated 32bit boards .
2- Tool-less very easy ballancing.Also support quick release plate
3- Lightweight easy weight only 1.2kg
4- When shooting, you can mount on different equipment very quickly, just like: Slider, Jibs, Tripods.
5-Max payload 1kg
6-With 2pcs 18650 Li-ion 2500MAH 3.7v battery with full charged,came-single can work for 10 hours.
7.Now just sample,final color will be black

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CAME-MINI 3 Axis Camera Gimbal For GH4, A7s,BMPCC And So On


CAME-MINI is an assembled ready to use Gimbal.
CAME-MINI is lightweight, the weight only around 1.1kg. Work with small camera just like GH4, A7S, BMPCC and smaller Cameras.
CAME-MINI look very clear, 32bit boards , all wires is covered .
CAME-MINI have Joystick, the joystick can control the camera movement, you can change different mode just like: follow model, lock model, or commixture mode .
Everything is included. Carrying case, Stand, Battery and Charger all included .

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(cover photo credit: snap from CAME-TV)

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