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F&V Lighting is a well-regarded, value lighting and accessories company with a presence in the U.S. and Europe. Unfortunately, they were one of the guys we missed at NAB 2015. Fortunately, there were over 100,000 other attendees there, so we can now update you on what F&V showed.

With a promised new iPhone app, maybe this post should be part of our series entitled “Rise of the Planet of the Apps?”

No matter.

Really, the point is that as filmmakers we suffer from an embarrassment of riches: there are so many choices across so many different types of gear.

Gimbals represent one of the most feverishly contested segments today, but drones are right up there with them (pun intended).

Perhaps less sexy – no, definitely less sexy – but probably more important in our day-to-day work, however, is lighting.

And what a shift is underway, from classic hot lights to cool-running LEDs. We love LEDs.

F&V displayed a number of new lighting products at NAB from its large internal diameter Z720 LED ring light to rectangular (remember, squares are a special type of rectangle) high CRI, high output LED panels with new diffusers (“milky panels” and softboxes).

It’s amazing how quickly high-end features filter into mid-priced products.

One of the interesting things about the Z720 is that it is WiFi enabled, with an iPhone app promised that will not only control but store and be able to recall settings with a swipe of the finger (anticipated ship date of the Z720 is two months post NAB, pricing still to be determined).

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on some of their gear to give you first-hand impressions. In the meantime, you can learn more at their site.

F&V's New Z720 LED Cinema-Style Ringlight Might Be the Perfect Fit for Your Big Lenses

Via No Film School:

With a diameter of 290mm, the Z720 can be used with larger sized lenses. Not only that, but F&V accessories, including their portable softbox, allow the ringlight to be multifunctional.

Z720 LED Cinema-Style Ringlight

* 720 ultra-color LEDs
* 95 CRI
* variance of no more than +/- 1
* 290mm diameter
* Magnets on front allow for diffusion/filter attachments
* Wi-Fi module and app allows users to control/program light with a smartphone
* 4-Quadrant system
* Control color and intensity

Read more about this at No Film School “F&V's New Z720 LED Cinema-Style Ringlight Might Be the Perfect Fit for Your Big Lenses”

Visit F&V's website to check on product ricing and availability.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh is the founder of Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions. He and the team write, direct, shoot, score, and edit web-centric films; conduct photo shoots; and write copy, white papers and blog posts. Hugh also writes screenplays (he recently optioned a TV pilot) and just published his first eBook (Apple's iPhone: The Next Video Revolution). If it's about telling stories, it's in their wheelhouse.

And always with the ambition of authenticity, humanity and wit.
Hugh Brownstone


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