Syrp’s Genie Mini: Panning at the Speed of Touch

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In this installment of our series “Rise of the Planet of the Apps,” we introduce New Zealand company Syrp’s latest motion control device, the Genie Mini. Priced well at $249, it is the first of their devices controlled by an app available on iOS and Android devices.

Very cool: we caught up with Syrp Director Ben Ryan at NAB where he demo’d their Genie Mini. We like Ben, and we liked the Mini. (ED Note: see Hugh's video below queued at the Syrp Genie spot).

Then again, what’s not to like? It’s a small, simple, panning device useful for time-lapse and video; it's priced well;  it can be used in conjunction with its bigger brother, the original Genie, for two-axis motion control; and it's controlled by a dead-simple app on your iOS or Android device.

The Genie Mini is available for pre-order on Syrp's site.

Genie Mini – Teaser. Simple Camera Motion Control

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Syrp announces Genie Mini

Syrp Genie Mini

Genie Mini App controlled on IOS and Android.

Via Syrp Press Release:

Syrp Ltd – NZ based company and Kickstarter success story officially launches new product into the camera accessoy market at NAB 2015 – Genie Mini.

Following on from their hugely successful product launch on Kickstarter which concluded earlier in 2012, Syrp Ltd; founders Ben Ryan and Chris Thomson have officially launch their new camera accessory device, the Genie Mini.

In April 2012 Chris Thomson and Ben Ryan set about launching a film equipment accessory used for motion control time-lapse + film-making on The Genie is an affordable and straightforward device for combining motion control with image capture, capable of either panning or linear movement, commonly used for time-lapse photography and for real-time video shots.

Now almost 3 years later, Syrp have launched an App controlled miniature device designed to accommodate a wider range of cameras for entry-level users including smartphones, GoPros, all the way up to professional DSLRs and Mirror-less cameras.

Mr Ryan says “The launch of the original Genie has had huge success for professionals all around the world and because of It’s simplicity we had a lot of interest from customers who wanted to create these amazing shots but we’re on a budget”.


Syrp Genie Mini

User presets for Quick Setup


Syrp Genie Mini

2-Axis Capability with the original Genie

Hugh's NAB coverage – here's the Genie Mini

Syrp Press Continued

The Genie Mini is around ¼ of the size of the original version and is controlled using the Syrp Genie App available on IOS and Android and connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. The App is designed with graphical movement displays and dials, which are easy to follow. The Genie Mini can also be synced to the original Genie via a cable to create incredible 2-axis control for video and time-lapse a much sought-after feature from current Genie owners.

Mr Thomson says “The launch of the Genie Mini hits the prosumer and consumer markets but also has a lot of cross-over for professionals by providing them with not only an ultra portable panning controller but a professional add-on product to the current Genie release to create 2-axis motion control.”

“We’re really excited about what’s in store for the future with the release of the Syrp Genie App and updates will include time-lapse image processing on smartphones, the development of a pan tilt bracket to sync two Genie Minis together as well as an online user account platform for sharing presets and time-lapses.”

Since the conclusion of kickstarter in 2012 the pair have been working tirelessly to build the business and have recently moved to a new 200m2 office in Auckland, New Zealand. Mr Ryan says “it’s been an amazing few years since our Kickstarter campaign has finished and we’ve put a lot of hard work into setting the business up including developing the supply chain, distribution network, manufacturing process and customer service experience.”

“We’re in a really good position now to push the business and product line to the next-level and we’re looking forward to releasing many new exciting products in the years to come. We’ve built an amazing team of engineers and sales staff who all have a genuine passion and interest in film and photography and we try and keep our mantra of making better films at the core of our business and in the front of everyones minds.”

The Genie Mini is now available for pre-order at and has a MSRP of $249USD.

(cover photo credit: snap from Syrp)


  1. Daniel viotti The reports we read indicate the M3 isn’t coming to the U.S. any time soon.  Are you in Europe? Do you have one?

  2. Good evening
    Tank you for your message,
    I live on France. Yes I have an M3 since one week.
    Quality of the pictures is surprising ( excellent) but no time laps, wifi only with iPhone iPad…no gps… I wander why it is called EOS…
    So I am looking for extra équipement ..
    T’es for your help

  3. Daniel viotti We’ll ask the guys at Syrp for you.

  4. Daniel viotti Ben Ryan over at Syrp says: “The camera has an infrared receiver so it could be triggered with the IR cable.”

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