Sci-Fi Gone Wild: Twerking Imperial Stormtroopers & Federation Officers, 4K

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And now for something completely different: while it may have been the 4K that caught our attention (OK, it was, and that makes it just a little bit sad), it’s the humor that got us.

Hey – when was the last time you saw (let alone contemplated) Imperial stormtroopers or Federation officers…twerking?

Right: never.

Does it matter that it was shot in 4K with a RED?

Well…not really.

Which taken together makes these two videos – and their behind-the-scenes counterparts which we share here – so much fun.


Stormtrooper Secrets – 4K

Star Wars vs Star Trek: The Dance Battle Begins – 4K

Stormtrooper Twerk – Behind the Scenes


Star Trek Dance – Behind the Scenes

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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