Rise of the Planet of the Apps: SWITRONIX VoltBridge Tracks Battery Levels

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In this installment of “Rise of the Planet of the Apps” we highlight Switronix’s very cool VoltBridge, which displays battery levels via Bluetooth on both iOS and Android devices.

It’s not a large announcement, but VoltBridge will make a big difference to users of heavy duty, professional battery systems who’d like to know when they have to swap out batteries – before they die mid-take.

Relying on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol to send data to smartphones and tablets, the VoltBridge app is expected to be released in late June – the same time as the first integrated OEM mounting plate implementations become available.

Best feature? Being able to set up to 3 warning levels. How much information the VoltBridge app displays is a function of the smarts built into the batteries themselves.

For those users who like the concept and don’t want to wait for – or purchase — the new integrated mounting plates, a BLE dongle will be available for $99 which can connect via PTAP and XLR to existing systems.

I just wish the same kind of functionality were available in cameras like the Sony a6000 [B&H | Amazon]

But hey, that’s just me. [bctt tweet=”Rise of the Planet of the Apps: Switronix VoltBridge brings iOS/Android Tracking to Battery Levels”]

Switronix Releases VoltBridge

Via Switronix Press:

Westbury, NY – Switronix is shaping the future of battery power monitoring for the Professional Video and Motion Picture Industry with VoltBridge at NAB 2015.

Switronix VoltBridge Image 1

VoltBridge is a battery monitoring platform utilizing a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) UART to transmit smart battery data to iOS/Android devices, allowing the user to monitor and set low battery warnings, via push notifications, on up to 25 devices per tablet/smart phone.

Switronix VoltBridge Image 2


The BLE is installed in the battery mount plates of leading manufacturers' production equipment. Depending on the battery's intelligence level, VoltBridge will provide you with at minimum voltage. Some leading brands will yield percentage levels, and in the most advanced packs like Hypercore, hours and minutes will display.

The most important element of VoltBridge is that the user can set 3 unique warning levels based on voltage, percentage, or runtime. The technology will also being offered in powertap BLE dongle form, as well as 4pin XLR, enabling any device or battery to transmit battery data to the VoltBridge app.

VoltBridge will be featured in the Switronix booth, #C5019 as well as in RED Digital Cinema's booth (#SL1517) with the OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD for the new RED Weapon camera.

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Switronix is a leader in the market of batteries and charging solutions for the Digital Cinema and Professional Video industry. The company strives to continue to reinvent themselves with creative power solutions with a product line also including LED lighting, HD Wireless, power regulation cables, and accessories. For more information about Switronix, please visit switronix.com.

(cover photo credit: snap from Switronix)

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