Redrock Halo = Game Tech + Autonomous Car Tech + Classic Focus Pulling

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Five years in the making with a target release date by end of this year, the Redrock Halo is a fascinating – and ambitious — example of the integration of smartphone/tablet tech into classic filmmaking.

One of the items I missed during my 48 hours at NAB was the Redrock Halo.

I’m sorry I did.

Brian Valente of Redrock Micro refers to Halo as their “Avatar product” – something they’ve been working on for five years – which required them to wait for various technologies to catch up with their ambitions.

And it is very ambitious, operating as everything from a focus-pulling aid for pros to an automated focus pulling solution for small productions and even one-man bands.

The Redrock Halo is a beautiful integration of game technology (the interface); LIDAR technology to track subjects for focus; and old-school focus pulling.

I also think Redrock is positioning and pricing it cleverly.

Brian says it’s aimed at everyone from enthusiasts who say “do it all for me” to seasoned professional focus pullers who want better reference tools. At least in its beta form, the Redrock Halo appears to deliver both – and everything in between. With a target price somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000, it’s out of reach for casual shooters but within reach of small indie firms and dedicated one-man bands doing corporate and PSA work — and every-day working professionals on big budget films. [bctt tweet=”Rise of the Planet of the Apps: Redrock Micro Halo”]

NAB 2015: News Shooter – Redrock Micro

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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