Awesome new “theC47 Book Light Kit” from Westcott shown at NAB 2015

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Yes, we've talked a lot about NAB and the problem is that it is very very difficult to cover all just a week or even two weeks.

Westcott and several great lighting options and they have sent me one of their new flex lights which is an amazing bendable LED light which you can place just about anywhere, inside practicals, as a main light, whatever. We'll have an unboxing and a demo of that hopefully soon.

But they also showed off Jem Schofield's new lighting package which is kind of an extension to their modular system called the Scrim Jim which they're calling the Scrim Jim Cine. It is a wonderful set of connectors and scrims designed to allow you to create small as well as large frames with a variety of different fabrics.

Jem's contribution is to create two kits with some additional bits that will allow you to create some great things like backlights.

The DP Kit is 8 22″ tubes (which makes it perfect for travel) which comes with white, black and silver fabrics (see the video for real descriptions) for about $599

theC47 Book Light Kit has some swing hinges to build 2 4×6 frames with 2 of those swing hinges that will let you create some great options. It has silver, white, black, as well as unbleached muslin for diffusion. Plus 1/2 grid cloth and 3/4 stop diffusion. Details are still in work as they're not ready to ship it yet, but we'll have more coverage as that time comes near. Pricing will be about $1k (subject to change of course).

I was very impressed by Jem's creation and I know you will be too!

How would you use the Book Light Kit on set? Sound off in the comments.

Westcott preview of theC47 Book Light Kit

NAB 2015:News Shooter – Westcott

Jem was also on the Teradek stage talking with Dan Chung from

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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