Freefly WEDGE Adds No-Compromise Lens Control via MōVI Controller

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With WEDGE, Freefly continues to move the bar it first set with the MōVI 3-axis gimbal [B&H | Amazon]:  it extends the capability of single operators. Novices need not apply.

In filmmaking and photography, the value of a system – especially an ecosystem (which goes beyond original equipment gear to embrace practitioners, customer support, third party add-ons, and process) — really cannot be overstated. When we buy a camera body, we’re typically buying it as much (or more) for the lenses it can use and – in the case of still photographers – often other things like flash systems.  The MōVI itself is an ecosystem of add-ons and operators.

A system is thus both an inducement and a lock-in: it represents additional value, as well as a cost to exit.

This is something most planet5D readers know well and know personally, as the age of mirrorless looms larger by the day.

It’s fascinating then, to see the latest incarnation of the system Freefly is building around the MōVI with its latest product, the WEDGE.

What strikes me most about the WEDGE is its duality. On the one hand, it’s a no-compromise, carefully thought-out intermediary between the MōVI controller and individual lens motors that allows single operators to adjust focus, iris and zoom, easily. On the other hand, in an age of apps and iPhone ubiquity, it continues to eschew both.

Fair enough: for the right operator or production, a robust, purpose-built controller and a $2,495 price tag [Pre-order at B&H] – exclusive of the lens control motors for focus, iris and zoom – are easily justifiable.

Easy configuration, impressive automatic calibration and 1,200 foot line-of-sight are just part of a compelling mix of features.

But in an age of dead-simple iPhones, Android phones and Bluetooth, I found myself thinking: when will Freefly cut over to iPhone apps, or at least more generic terminology? Why use the word “binding” to connect the WEDGE to the MōVI controller when those of us more familiar with Bluetooth might call it “pairing”?

And then I found myself thinking: for MōVI’s customers, these just aren’t issues.

Yet. [bctt tweet=”Freefly WEDGE enhances MoVI single operator capabilities”]

Freefly WEDGE Overview

About Freefly WEDGE

Via Freefly Systems:

Gain complete control of your lens when you pair the new Freefly WEDGE with the MōVI Controller. The WEDGE is smaller than any other 3-axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom) lens control system available. It fits simply onto even the most precarious of setups.

Freefly WEDGE featured image


From the beginning, the Freefly WEDGE was designed for the MōVI to provide complete control over your camera lens operation in any shooting scenario, even when shooting from the Freefly ALTA

Freefly WEDGE image 1


We designed the WEDGE to be the smallest and lightest 3-axis standard lens controller available. Aircraft grade aluminum and proprietary hardware/software allowed us to build a system that can go anywhere the camera can.

Freefly WEDGE image 2


Save critical lens information that allows physical units to be displayed instead of a simple percentage of travel. Sophisticated curve fitting functions accurately calculate the lens’ value in between set lens position points for Focal Distance, Aperture and Focal Length


The WEDGE is designed for use with most industry standard lens motors to ensure flexibility when configuring any camera/lens package.


Configure and control your lens system remotely from the MōVI Controller to save time on set and streamline your workflow.


Advanced torque sensing technology allows for fast and accurate lens calibration that can be done automatically by the WEDGE or by an experienced AC.


Set sub-range limits, damping, speed, torque, focus scale stretching, and more to ensure your setup is dialed in for your style of lens control.


A powerful 2.4 GHz radio frequency ensures you can maintain full control of your picture reliably from up to 1200 feet (line of sight).

Freefly WEDGE image 3


Manipulate the shutter and start/stop functionality for most common camera interfaces including LANC and Sony Multi Terminal with our custom-built cable, designed exclusively for integration with the Freefly WEDGE and MōVI Controller.


An integrated MōVI top camera plate is included to ensure a repeatable and rigid mounting of the WEDGE to the MōVI.

Freefly WEDGE image 4


Know your system is future-proof with the ability to take advantage of each subsequent firmware update.

Learn more about Freefly WEDGE Here.

(cover photo credit: snap from Freefly Systems)

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