Ever want to go Snowboarding in the Clouds? This is AWESOME!

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A guest post! We just got this submission from Kyle Coats about this incredible “Snowboarding in the clouds” video he and his team shot for Happy Socks:

Hey Mitch,

Love your site.

We decided to shoot with the RED epic and the RED dragon so that we could get higher frame rates for:

Some speed ramps, and help with stabilization (not sure how windy it was going to be up 6,000 ft in the clouds) also a lot of room for color in post and the higher dynamic range.

We love working with GoPros because of their versatility. We attached them on the board and helmet in order to capture angles that a RED couldn't fit. The great thing about Go Pro's is they are versatile, and the newer one's shoot at higher frame rates that can be placed in more confined spaces without the risk of dropping a RED epic from crazy heights.

For the intro shots we used a Red Dragon on a MōVI to allow for smooth tracking shots. We love working with RED camera's because we can shoot in 5k and 6k which allows for us to crop in if necessary in the editing process. Shooting in raw with RED camera's gives us more information (like color, cropping, greater HDR), and we future proof our content. So that viewers can watch in HD in years to come.

For BTS we used a Canon EOS 5D Mark III because they work perfectly for shooting BTS.

What do you think? Would that be cool or what?

Snowboarding in the Clouds

www.happysocks.com/ No snow? No problem. We decided to snowboard in the clouds 6,000 feet in the sky at 80 mph. Watch how we made this dream become a reality. #happinesseverywhere

Behind the Scenes – Happy Socks in the Clouds

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Many thanks

Our thanks also to our loyal fan Tristan for sending this in!

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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