AirLinc: iPhone App Takes on Wireless Giant Sennheiser?

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Maybe: for $12.99 AirLinc allows a pair of iOS devices to act like their own wireless mic system, especially when a lav is involved. Better than a Sennheiser? Hmmm…

Sennheiser makes one of the best wireless kits out there (the EW100). I have the G2 version, and use it with both the Sennheiser lav that came as part of the kit and my RODE NTG-2 (and soon, an NTG-4+ [B&H | Amazon]). They feed my new and lovely TASCAM DR-70D recorder [B&H | Amazon].

But when I’m doing gear reviews in the comfort of my own bat cave, I usually rely on the RØDE Rec app on my iPhone and a smartLav+ [B&H | Amazon] . This combo is simplicity itself – and it works.

Still, I shot all of my NAB 2015 flash interviews on a naked iPhone 6, with NO extras, not even the smartLav+. Would I have liked better sound for those interviews? Sure. Frankly, it didn’t occur to me to use the smartLav because the idea of wiring anyone up to a 4’ cable seemed…messy.

But what if I’d been able to take advantage of the smartLav+ attached to my subjects’ own iPhones? How would that have worked out?

I’m thinking: I need to find out!

I already foresee a couple of challenges, though:

1) Your subject needs to have an iPhone and be willing to take the time to install the app; turn on airplane mode; and get wired up. I’m thinking this would have been sub-optimal at NAB.
2) What happens if, as in the case of NAB, interviewer and interviewee both need to wear lavs? Can AirLinc take two inputs and record two different levels?
3) Might it not be better to simply plug a regular mic into your iPhone and just do what everyone else does, switching its orientation from interviewer to interviewee as required?

These are hardly insurmountable obstacles, but I think they’re valid questions.

If you’re a couple of kids in high school shooting a quickie project in the field (as our 17 year old did just this past weekend with a friend), AirLinc seems a pretty good solution. If everyone on set has an iPhone and you have no money for real audio recorders, AirLinc also seems appropriate. If you’re in an iPhoneography class, ditto once again.

But, dear planet5D readers, what do YOU think?

Use your iPhone as a Wireless Lav Microphone System with AirLinc

Compatible iOS Lav Microphone like the HQ-SPK Kit from

AirLinc is an app that allows you to Record and Monitor Audio wirelessly by using an iPhone or iPod Touch. Read More:


Via CheesyCam:

AirLinc is a neat little app especially if you have access to two iOS devices and an inexpensive Lav Microphone that works with the iPhone. It’s still fairly new and the company is open to feedback on any issues while they work on further improvements. There are some limitations to this setup of course. Both devices have to be on the same network, or at least on the same Hot Spot. I’ve tested it with my Verizon Mobile Hot Spot and it works the same as a local WLAN. You’ll also need a Lav Mic that works with iOS devices, and I can recommend the HQ-SPK Kit.

Read full article at CheesyCam “Use your iPhone as a Wireless Lav Microphone System with AirLinc”

Record & Monitor Audio – Wirelessly

Via AirLinc:

The AirLinc system allows you to record quality audio locally to your iPhone or iPod touch while also providing live monitoring and remote control of that audio from a paired iPhone.

Local recording means no dropouts & Live monitoring means less recording mishaps.

Read more about AirLinc Here.

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(cover photo credit: snap from CheesyCam)

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Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Do you know if it would be possible to use the wireless network generated by a camera such as GH4 or GoPro4?  Wouldn’t it be great if the camera companies allowed their cameras to accept a 2.4ghz wireless audio signal?  This has a lot of potential.

  2. HenryHarrison In our April Fool’s bit on Canon’s c5Di, we also ruminated over the idea of built-in uncompressed wireless signal out for real-time monitoring.  Yes, there’s so much they COULD do!

  3. HughBrownstone Cheers for the writeup! We’re so honoured to be featured on Planet5D!

    AirLinc was really birthed out of seeing the need for two things:

    1. Providing videographers (especially the youngsters) with a more affordable and available alternative for those who can’t afford the high end systems but also need similar quality + remote control / monitoring capabilities.

    2. An alternative for users having to juggle frequency changes applicable to expensive RF gear after the national frequency switchovers. Starting in late 2016 everyone in the US will slowly be forced to replace their existing radio frequency based audio gear in the affected MHz bands.

    More on this from Sennheiser here:

    So what’s next?

    We’re really excited for our next release which will again lower the barrier to entry for wireless audio by adding an affordable multichannel offering (the ability to remotely control and monitor multiple iOS devices from the one receiver) – would love to know your thoughts on this!

    We’re a company committed to building great wireless audio solutions for videographers and would love any feedback good or bad about our first product.

    Thanks again to everyone for your support & feedback, we really appreciate it!

  4. AirLincApp HughBrownstone You’re welcome!  Looking forward to AirLinc’s evolution and wishing you every success!

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