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‘Tales by Light’ TV series on Great Australian & US Photographers Debuts May 24

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Canon Australia recently announced its partnership with the National Geographic’s television arm to deliver stories sharing the talents of some of Australia’s and the world’s best photographers. The six-episode TV series Tales by Light debuts on May 24 on the National Geographic Channel.

The photography industry in Australia tends to follow similar patterns as other industries in this country. Some things improve while others do the opposite and never more so in periods of economic difficulty.

The promotion of photography as a relevant and highly expressive contemporary art form by showing off the talents of some of its most skilled practitioners can make a big difference in difficult times, as I proved myself some years ago with one of the most respected, most famous Australian magazines of contemporary photography, art and culture.

That magazine helped build the brilliant careers of many Australian photographers and directors, as well as artists in other fields, and I was always convinced that documentaries and TV productions would do an even better job of it. Now Canon Australia and the National Geographic Channel are about to put that insight to the test. [bctt tweet=”Canon Australia & National Geographic Channel announce series on Australian photographers.”]

Tales by Light tells the stories of Australian and North American photographers working in a range of genres, and one Australian female photographer is included. They are:

Canon Australia is no stranger to innovation by a national branch of the Japanese imaging company. It bought the largest photo studio hire and equipment rental company in Australia, Sun Studios, several years ago. Some years before that it acquired a small research and development company that became CiSRA, one of the largest Canon R & D centers outside of Japan.

While imaging R & D appears to have taken some hits in recent years with staff layoffs and resignations, Canon Australia’s retail division looks like it is going in the right direction with Sun Studios Australia and Tales by Light. Australian photography and photographers, professional and enthusiast, can only benefit.

Canon Australia and National Geographic Channel Announce TV-Series Partnership

Via Canon Press Release:

Sydney, Australia, 18 March 2015 – Canon Australia and National Geographic Channel have announced their partnership to deliver Australian viewers a new television series that gives rare insight into the eyes of some of Australia’s, and the world’s best photographic storytellers. Titled Tales by Light, the series will air in six episodes premiering from 8.30pm AEST Sunday 24 May on National Geographic Channel.

Tales By Light is the first television series produced by Canon Australia and is a natural progression for the photographic brand, explains Canon’s Director of Consumer Imaging and Executive Producer for the Series, Jason McLean:

“We see our role in imaging as enabling people to tell their stories, and what better than inspiring a large and passionate audience through the eyes of some of the best storytellers in the world. The partnership with National Geographic Channel is a perfect fit for us given their dedication to telling powerful stories through captivating imagery.”

Tales By Light


Canon Press release continued

Produced by emerging cinematographer and Canon Master, Abraham Joffe, Tales by Light showcases five of Australia’s, and the world’s, best photographers pushing the limits of their craft in some of the world’s most extreme and fascinating environments.

Each a master of their respective field, the photographers give rare insight into their endless journeys as visual storytellers – their challenges, motivations, and moments of joy in capturing an elusive moment by light. Shot in 4K resolution, the series is a stunning visual spectacle to immerse and inspire viewers through new ways of viewing the world around them.

Read more at Canon “Canon Australia and National Geographic Channel Announce TV-Series Partnership”

Introducing Tales By Light – Canon Australia's first TV series on the National Geographic Channel

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Karin Gottschalk

Karin Gottschalk

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