SteadiKid Becomes the New BabyCam for Small Form-Factor Cameras by MiniMotions, Inc.

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It seems that the ground-breaking SteadiKid carrier inspired by the motion picture industry has taken a real-life turn for the next revolution in indie filmmaking. MiniMotions is the brainchild of George Miliotis, director of popular movies such as Mad Mel.

In case you haven't seen it, lower down on this page is the video of the new device, inspired by the likes of Tiffen Steadicam, for a proposed device to carry your kid with ease.

Miliotis has taken this concept full circle to support an array of smaller movie cameras. By coupling a Panasonic GH4 on a specially-designed platen, and attaching two more cameras at different angles for chase scenes, for example, the device offers smooth moviemaking, at 4K, even when you are running fast down the street.

Peer-to-peer software developed by MiniMotions allows all cameras to be synced to capture audio and video at the same time, not only offering unique angles or refined 3D recording, but also a broader spatial audio suitable for Dolby(R) Atmos-style ‘on the field' dynamic audio.

Journalists have caught onto the idea fast, one CNN writer (name withheld) stating, “Gone are the days of shaky midnight chasers, tailing famous celebrities; we will be able to capture every single thing they do.” [bctt tweet=”SteadiKid Becomes the New BabyCam for Small Form-Factor Cameras by MiniMotions, Inc.”]

Offering stability that outshines any internal stability algorithm, MiniMotions has a unique balancing gimbal with stepper motor under the platen to offer micro-stability at fraction angles, even in the most rugged conditions, such as following a skier down the slopes at Aspen.

Miliotis states that whether you use this device for dedicated movie-making, or simply strapping on the harness for your kid and camera combination, motion video will appear tremendously seamless – meaning the only real motions you have to worry about are on the kid, not the camera.

Here's a message we received from planet5D reader Scott McDermott. Check out his site at

Message from Scott:

I would like to introduce you to the Steadi-Kid Glide Carrier! It’s the only baby carrier that uses technology developed for the movies, so your child will glide along shake and vibration free.

SteadiKid commercial spot

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Karin Gottschalk

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