Photographic Lighting Worksop with Jason Lanier for Rotolight at Pinewood Studios, UK, May 13

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With the release imminent of Rotolight’s groundbreaking new camera-mounted or stand-mounted LED light the Neo, what better way to try one out than at a photographic lighting workshop at the famous Pinewood Studios in the UK, where Rotolight itself is located?

While there you’ll also be able to try Rotolight’s other industry-leading LED lighting products, the Anova and the RL48. The workshop will be presented by Jason Lanier, Los Angeles-based award-winning photographer, Rotolight Lighting Ambassador and Sony Artisan of Imagery.

The 3-hour workshop covers the many benefits of using continuous LED lighting for stills and video, and Jason Lanier will provide insights and examples of how continuous light has benefited his own photographic and video work.

After looking at videos of Jason Lanier at work and the many examples of his work, I have no doubt that the workshop will be popular so best to book now and be sure of a place.

Rotolight's Neo LED light was one of the sensations of NAB 2015 in Los Angeles earlier this month and the Neo system looks set to become an industry standard in moviemaking and photographic circles.

The Neo aced TLCI tests for color accuracy in television production and its high quality color rendering will doubtless delight stills photographers too. More accurate, full spectrum color means less arduous color correction work in NLEs, color grading suites and photographic processing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. [bctt tweet=”Photographic lighting worksop with Jason Lanier for Rotolight at Pinewood Studios, UK, May 13.”]

Live Lighting Demonstration Announcement at Pinewood Studios w/ Jason Lanier & Rotolight in London

Via Rotolight:

This is an excellent opportunity for photographers to grasp continuous LED Lighting and move away from dated flash lighting and see the Rotolight Neo and rotolight range in action with a model.
Jason is becoming well known for moving from Nikon D-SLR’s to Sony’s new Mirror-less Alpha Range, and has spoken for Sony across the U.S for the past year.
With well over 40,000 subscribers and millions of views on his youtube, he is becoming very influential, which is why we are bringing him over to the UK for this great event.
Jason's website here:
Jason Lanier Youtube channel:

Some of Jason’s most popular videos:

San Francisco Pin Up Shoot w/ the Rotolight Neo video light and the Sony A7/A7s by Jason Lanier


BUSTED at Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Jazzland with Urban Explorer Jason Lanier Photography


Professional Photographer Switches from Nikon to Sony in the middle of a Disney Wedding Jason Lanier


Rotolight Photographic Workshop with Award-Winning Photographer Jason Lanier

Via Rotolight:

Probably one of the most popular Photographers on the Internet at the moment, Sony’s Artisan of Imagery and Rotolight’s Lighting Ambassador Jason Lanier, will be offering his skills and expertise during a 3 hour workshop and live demonstration event on Photography and how to create the perfect shot using the latest range of multi-award winning continuous LED Lighting systems by Rotolight! Bring your camera and we’ll see you there!
***The entire cost of your ticket will be refunded if you purchase the Rotolight Neo or Rotolight ANOVA at the event***
This exclusive event will be held at the John Barry Theatre in the World-Reknowned Pinewood Studios, home of James Bond and Star Wars.
Event Highlights:
– 2 Hour Photographic Masterclass and Workshop by Jason Lanier
– 1 Hour Live ‘hands-on’ demonstration of Rotolight Lighting with Model
– Exclusive ‘On the day’ special offers and a chance to get your hands on the brand new NEO!
– Free Buffet and Drinks provided throughout.
– Morning OR Afternoon session tickets available

Rotolight Photographic Workshop

Master continuous LED Lighting at Pinewood Studios with award-winning photographer Jason Lanier

Via Rotolight Press Release:

Rotolight photographic seminar, Pinewood Studios – Wednesday 13th May 2015:
Rotolight, specialists in continuous lighting systems, are marking the release of its new Rotolight Neo by offering the chance to learn all about continuous lighting, and try out their products in a workshop and seminar hosted by the multi-award winning photographer and Sony artisan of imagery Jason Lanier.
With two weeks to go Rotolight are urging all D-SLR photographers and videographers to book tickets for the hotly anticipated event that will be tailored to all skill sets, from aspiring photographers to seasoned pro’s. Attendees will be treated to a master class of photography and lighting during a 3-hour seminar with live hands-on demonstrations featuring a trained model. Jason Lanier will offer his skills and experience on how to capture the perfect shot with Rotolight’s continuous lighting systems including the Rotolight Neo, the next-evolution of on camera Lighting!
“This is your chance to learn posing, lighting, and shooting with Mirrorless and D-SLR cameras with the amazing Rotolight LED lighting systems-It is going to be awesome” – Jason Lanier.

What’s so good about continuous lighting?
– See exactly what you are shooting
– Don’t have to bounce or reflect like a flash
– Super wide beam angle that creates soft shadowless lighting
– Ideal for video!
– Stunning circular catch light in the eyes
– No red eye
– No blink reflex.
– Perfect for event and portrait stills / video
Not only are Rotolight offering exclusive on-the-day offers but they will also fully refund the cost of a single ticket when you buy a Rotolight Neo or Rotolight ANOVA at the event! (T&C’s apply).
Premiering at the John Barry Theatre, Pinewood Studios, home to James Bond and Star Wars – Find out more and book your tickets now:

(cover photo credit: snap from Rotolight)

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