NAB starts MONDAY! Watch LIVE NAB Liveblog here on planet5D

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NAB has been a long time coming… and it all starts MONDAY! And we're doing the NAB LiveBlog again!

We at planet5D are very excited about NAB. Last year, we were one of the first to ever do a “Liveblog” like is done for Apple press conferences all over the planet.


Okay, so you may not totally get the idea yet. Think of a live stream of consciousness from 20 to 30 different people all walking the NAB show floor at the same time and posting what their minds and eyes are seeing.

Most of the coverage you ever see from NAB, comes hours if not days after the news hits. So last year I thought, why not tell everyone what I'm seeing on the show floor as it happens? And then I thought, why not find out what 30 other people are seeing?

Thus came the NAB liveblog!

This year indeed we will have almost 30 reporters, And will be hosted on something like 15 different websites. This isn't just about planet5D, it is about giving you guys some amazing content live.

We had a awesome content and awesome reviews last year and I'm expecting this to be even bigger and better!


Of course, there is a tab at the top of the screen showing you a link to the live blog, Or you can just go to!

There are actually entries already posted. And, many of us reporters will be talking about what we see on the way there.

I also suspect that there will be more news coming as the weekend rolls out and you will see it on the live blog most likely before you see it anywhere else.

Live “TV” broadcasts

We are thrilled to be associated with Teradek and will be on their stage and live stream every day at 5:30 PM PDT with the most popular show of NAB, the “planet5D Daily Wrap-up Show” with my host, the emmy award winning Michael Artsis from @beterrific!!. Michael does his own daily show you can catch every weekday at 4pm Eastern.

You will also see links to other live shows that will be shared by Teradeck in the liveblog.

NAB 2015 liveshow Teradek nab liveblog

I will also be on the Michael Artsis show while wandering the show floor – I think that will be every day about 1pm PDT.

Of course, we'll be posting those times in the what? The NAB LiveBlog! That's right!

So please join us all day monday thru thursday next week!

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