NAB 2015: Smart Move by Digital Bolex & RØDE Adds RØDE Mics to Digital Bolex Store

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In a very smart move, the makers of Digital Bolex — “The first cinema camera for filmmakers, by filmmakers” – have gone into partnership with Australian microphone maker RØDE to sell mics and audio accessories through the Digital Bolex online store.

This is an astute move given I know of a number of buyers of the Digital Bolex D16 who are digital moviemaking beginners attracted by the olde world charm of the D16, the highly venerated ‘Bolex’ in the name and the attraction of shooting movies as richly detailed digital negatives.

Some of those same digital newbies have also proven less than knowledgable about the audio side of things, a not uncommon problem. The adage that most independent moviemakers are let down by the poor quality of their audio, and lack of knowledge about audio equipment and recording techniques, continues to hold true.

As a sometime educator, I can see the benefits of making other essential gear available in the same place as the main item that has drawn buyers in. The Digital Bolex team and the folks at RØDE appear to have chosen the RØDE mics and accessories that will fit well with the D16.

The last thing owners of a stripped-down, mostly self-contained camera like the Digital Bolex need to is to overwhelm it with oversized or over-heavy audio equipment. Handheld, the D16 is not the lightest of lightweight run-and-gun cameras, and good balance between camera and attachments needs to be maintained. [Whispers] Hey guys, there is this terrific little maker of some of the world's best lighting gear over at Rotolight with whom you may want to consider linking up as well. [bctt tweet=”NAB 2015: Smart move by Digital Bolex & RØDE adds RØDE microphones to the Digital Bolex Store.”]

NABShow: Digital Bolex announces partnership with Røde

Digital Bolex announces partnership with Røde

Via Digital Bolex:

Digital Bolex is happy to announce a new partnership with Røde microphones to deliver quality audio accessories to new D16 buyers and existing customers through our online store.

Røde's professional audio devices make the most of the D16's advanced audio recording capability, and capture the highest sound quality to match the D16's uncompressed raw footage. Røde mics and mounts fit perfectly with the D16's ergonomic body shape, enabling the use of pro audio equipment in both a stripped-down, run and gun configuration or a professionally rigged tripod setup. Products are available to order starting today:

* NTG-2 Condenser Mic
* NTG-1 Condenser Mic
* VideoMic Pro
* Stereo VideoMic X
* Deadcat
* Deadcast VMP
* Shock Mount

Bundles also will be available to purchase soon, with a limited time $20 coupon ‘bolexrode' available to use when purchasing any Rode item with a D16!

Also read this article at Digital Bolex “NABShow: Digital Bolex announces partnership with Røde”

(cover photo credit: snap from Digital Bolex)

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