NAB 2015: Motion9’s Impressive Cube Shogun Cage Does Way More Than Hold Your Shogun

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South Korean camera accessories maker Motion9 has been busy building more than simply a collection of products to support your DSLR or DSLM/mirrorless movie/stills hybrid camera — they have been hard at work creating an ecosystem of many potentially linked parts.

That ambition is evident in their latest offering, shown off at NAB 2015, the Cube Shogun aka Atomos Shogun Cage. It is impressive and it is unique.

Motion9 has been honing its design and manufacturing skills over the past year or so by making what some moviemakers say are amongst the finest camera cages, for popular moviemaking hybrids like the Canon 5D Mark III, the Canon 7D Mark II, Panasonic’s Lumix GH4, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Sony’s A7s and more.

Since the end of last year Motion9 has added camera support devices such as their very portable LineCam 34 and LineCam 46 sliders and the more recent MonoJib mini camera crane. Meanwhile batteries, chargers and voltage adapters have been appearing in the background.

And now, with Motion9’s Cube Shogun cage for the Atomos 4K recorder/monitor, we can see how things are intended to fit together. And there are options.

At its most minimal, the Cube Shogun functions as a protective mounting frame for your Atomos Shogun. The Shogun is already well-constructed, designed for a challenging life on the road, but enclosing it in a Motion9 Cube Shogun makes it even sturdier.

Loosen the Cube Shogun’s left and right thumbscrews, swing out its handles and you have an off-camera monitor complete with protective cable clamp in case of a suddenly excited director.

Add a Motion9 CubePower Battery and DC Voltage Adapter to mounting points at the rear of the Cube Shogun and you now have a monitor/recorder that can run for hours.

Plug in a CubePower Battery Charger at the end of the day to recharge your CubePower batteries – caution always encourages carrying two or more of them on-set or on-location – and you are set up for more the next day.

Impressive enough, but a quick search online reveals that Motion9’s formfitting Cube Shogun aka Atomos Shogun Cage may well be unique in the world of movie camera accessories.

I found an ‘Atomos Shogun Cage with Handles’ made by Canadian accessories maker Shape, designed to protect a Shogun while making it safer to hold, rest on flat surfaces or be mounted via a monitor bracket. But the Motion9 Cube Shogun does more and encloses your Shogun with its precision CNC-machined aluminium to protect your monitoring/recording investment.

Atomos may wish to consider product synergy and hook up with Motion9 to offer the Cube Shogun through its sales channels too. [bctt tweet=”Motion9’s impressive Cube Shogun cage does way more than simply hold your Shogun recorder/monitor.”]

Launch discount at 15%, April 13 to May 12

Motion9 is offering 15% off for the duration of the Cube Shogun’s launch period, between April 13 and May 12, at their online store.

The Cube Shogun can be ordered with or without battery kit at a discounted price of USD297.00 for the non-battery version or USD538.00 for the complete Cube Shogun plus battery kit. The Cube Power Battery Kit comprises battery, battery plate, charger, voltage adapter and two DC cables.

Cube Shogun deliveries commence May 11 and this great piece of gear for your Atomos, with or without Motion9 battery kit, will revert to its non-discounted price after May 12.

Motion9 Shogun Cage – Versatile Cage for the Atomos Shogun

Via cinema5D:

Motion9 are showing off their new “Cube Shogun” a versatile cage for the Atomos Shogun that protects and enhances the disk recorder’s outer shell.

At NAB 2015 motion 9 showed us their prototype of the motion9 Shogun Cage which offers protection for all the out- and inputs on the device. This is especially good for those people who want to protect some of the ports, like the power connector that some people have reported can become loose.

Read full article at cinema5D “Motion9 Shogun Cage – Versatile Cage for the Atomos Shogun – NAB 2015”


Motion9 Cube Shogun

Atomos Cube Shogun image 1

Via Motion9:

Motion9 Cube Shogun at 15% OFF From April 13 – May 12
Delivery will be start from May 11

Check out Motion9 Cube Shogun product page Here.

(cover photo credit: snap from Motion9)

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