Is DEFY’s G2X “The Most Versatile Gimbal Yet”? Find Out for Yourself at NAB 2015

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Described as “unlike anything else” and “the most versatile gimbal yet”, DEFY’s G2X portable, lightweight gimbal is on display during NAB 2015, at booth C3217.

You may want to take a look at DEFY’s other products including the Dactylcam, the G12 Gimbal, the G5 Gimbal and more.

I have to admit, up to now I have _not_ been in the market for a gimbal at all. The first and so far only one that I have seen and picked up was at a local rental facility.

The device was impressively designed and engineered, and looked perfectly suited to the bigger cameras they rent to their feature film and big budget documentary clientele.

But for someone like me, working on personal no- to low-budget short films and documentaries, working well outside the moviemaking establishment as a probable perpetual outsider, that gimbal was overkill. Too heavy, too pricey to rent or buy and way too large for my current preferred camera, the Panasonic Lumix GH4. As to the idea of carrying one on my back or shoulder? Forget about it.

But now that smaller, lighter and more affordable gimbals are starting to appear on the market elsewhere, I am becoming increasingly interested in the idea of one. And of purchasing rather than hiring.

Despite the current lousy state of the Australian dollar, and the prospect that the USD to AUD exchange rate is only going to get worse, DEFY’s asking price of US$1,9995.00 is not outside the bounds of possibility. Especially if it really is as portable and as versatile as DEFY’s videos suggest.

I won’t be at NAB this year. I am waiting to hear if DEFY has a dealer here that doesn’t add an extra AUD 1000.00 on to the converted USD purchase price. Surely taxes and import charges aren’t that steep nowadays?

All that aside, I would love to hear what readers think about the G2X after trying one out. If it is as good as I hope it is, the local asking price of AU$3400.00 might well be a wise investment.

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DEFY G2x Gimbal


The DEFY G2x is the lightest, most powerful gimbal in its class. Designed to give filmmakers from all genres the ability to have precisely accurate stability all squeezed into a compact, extremely light and powerful gimbal that we are introducing as the DEFY G2X. This little guy packs a punch with features like pre-selected auto tuned modes for different camera weights allowing users to bypass the need for software and calibration. We also removed the need to use a stand by balancing in an inverted, flat-top configuration to go out of the box and filming in as little as three minutes. The auto sensing IMU allows users to choose the orientation of the gimbal (inverted or upright) for better ergonomics and camera positioning allowing users to film for hours. The G2X carries lightweight mirror less cameras such as an A7s or GH4 and common DSLRs.

Defy G2X Gimbal NAB 2015

* Holds camera and lens combinations up to 3.5lbs
* Built in stand for ability to balance in 3 minutes
* Pre-selected auto tuned mode selections
* Dual IMU sensors for auto sensing camera orientation
* Extremely compact and lightweight at only 4.5lbs
* Simple and elegant design to hide wires and allow easy adjustment
* Technical Support via phone / email

Learn more about the DEFY G2X Gimbal.

(cover photo credit: snap from DEFY)

Karin Gottschalk

Karin Gottschalk

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