FilmConvert Pulls Out the Stops at NAB with #FCTreasureHunt Prizes, 25% Off for the Week

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FilmConvert is pulling out all the stops this week at NAB and is offering not one but two different sets of incentives. For those attending NAB 2015, #FCTreasureHunt comprises $1000+ of daily prizes including FilmConvert Bundle licenses, RØDE NTG4+ mics, vouchers, memberships and more.

And for everyone whether attending NAB or staying at home, FilmConvert is offering a 25% discount of all FilmConvert film simulation products. The discount continues until Sunday April 19. But why wait?

With so many moviemakers famous, and not quite so renowned, swearing by FilmConvert’s standalone film simulation software and plug-ins for popular NLEs from Final Cut Pro X through Adobe’s Pro Video Tools to DaVinci Resolve and Avid, it is a fair bet you will love FilmConvert too.

If like many moviemakers you use more than one NLE, color grading, effects or motion graphics suite, then why not consider opting not just for one, two or three versions of FilmConvert but all of them altogether in one big bundle?

Think about it – the FilmConvert standalone version and all ten FilmConvert plug-ins. You will never be left without FilmConvert whichever NLE or host program you need to learn and use next.

Up until April 19, the FilmConvert Bundle will be discounted from $299 down to $225. If you buy just one item, the Photoshop plug-in, you will pay $74, down from $99. And if you choose any of the other plug-ins, or the standalone, the price is discounted from $199 each down to $149.

It’s almost a no-brainer. Exercise caution, buy each product one at a time over time for the usual, non-discounted price and you would pay up to $819 in total.

Shell out for the whole FilmConvert Bundle during the life of this discount and you get them all for just $225 all up.

Affordable insurance for the very real risk of falling in love with FilmConvert and wanting to use it in most every NLE, motion graphics and effects package that you could be using now and in the future. [bctt tweet=”FilmConvert pulls out the stops at NAB with #FCTreasureHunt prizes & 25% discount all week long.”]


FilmConvert NAB Sale

FilmConvert NAB Sale


FilmConvert #FCTreasureHunt

Via FilmConvert:

The #FCTreasureHunt is free to enter and will run from Monday 13th – Thursday 16th April 2015.

It is advisable that those involved in the Treasure Hunt should follow FilmConvert, Philip Bloom and all the sponsors involved on the following social media channel.

FilmConvert will post THREE clues each day that FC Treasure Hunters must solve.

The first clue will go out 10am (PDT) every day. The following two posts will be at different times of the day due to the NAB schedule. This is why it’s vital to stay up-to-date with all the social media channels and to make sure you know if our post is a clue, it will always have #FCTreasureHunt included.

FilmConvert FCTreasureHunt

Some riddles will involve taking photos and/or videos as your answer to a certain clue. When prompted, FilmConvert will ask you to post the photo/video and tag/ mention the company related to the riddle using their social media accounts and #FCTreasureHunt.

To be in for a chance to win the daily prize, you must complete all three riddles correctly and then find a secret someone at a certain time and location. We will post a cryptic message as to where we are located and you have 30 minutes to hunt for them! The first person to find them and prove you’ve answered all three riddles correctly, WINS!

Learn more at FilmConvert #FCTreasureHunt

(cover photo credit: snap from FilmConvert)

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