Adobe Announces New Apps & Applications & Big Updates to Moviemaking Software for NAB 2015

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Adobe Systems sneaked one below the radar this week with announcements of some new iOs apps, some big updates to existing moviemaking applications and two new products named Project Candy and Adobe Character Animator.

Sometime during the last few months we seem to have dropped off Adobe’s press relations list and missed the announcement about coming updates to the moviemaking products in Creative Cloud. No matter, as we spotted the news at No Film School and are linking to a couple of their news items below.

No Film School’s articles stem from an Adobe Creative Cloud article by Anita Engelmann titled ‘Coming Next to Adobe Pro Video Tools’ and several downloadable Adobe PDFs:

We don’t have access to anything more than that and No Film School’s analysis right now so the best we can advise is download, read and see what further news appears at NAB 2015. [bctt tweet=”Adobe announces new apps & applications & big updates to its moviemaking software for NAB.”]

For those of who can’t make it to NAB 2015, there will be a special live webcast titled ‘What’s coming next to the Adobe Pro Video Tools’ on April 16 from 11:00 am to 11:45 am PDT.

Disappointingly though, registration has already closed for this free online event and so you won’t be able to receive a reminder with the link to the live stream. For those who missed out or who are outside the US, let’s hope the webcast will be archived for later viewing. Essential information like this needs to be set free, after all.

Tons More from Adobe: Project Candy Analyzes Photos to Create Color Scheme for Video

Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud Libraries

Via No Film School:

The coolest piece from the announcement is a mobile app currently in development that Adobe is calling Project Candy. In essence, you take a screenshot of something that inspires you aesthetically — maybe the sun is coming through your window a certain way, or a you see a mesmerizing combination of colors in a mural or something — then Candy analyzes that shot and turns it into a tangible color scheme and look that can be applied to your videos in Premiere or After Effects. Here's an excerpt from the Adobe blog which sums up Project Candy very well:

“Project Candy is a new mobile technology currently in development. If you know SpeedGrade then think of Project Candy as a kind of “Shot Matcher on your phone”: just point the camera at something and the app will grab a Look. Candy displays the Look for you as bubbles that show color and light in 3D space.

You can select a bubble to shift the midtone for the Look and adjust the overall intensity with a slider. As you tweak it, the Look is previewed in a reference image. You can also choose images and video from your camera roll for previewing the Look.

Once you like the Look, you hit the checkmark to save it. The Look is saved to your Creative Cloud Libraries. From there you will be able to access it in Premiere Clip (for on-the-go video editing), Premiere Pro, or After Effects. Again, if you want to bring your project (with that Look) into SpeedGrade, just use Direct Link and you’re in business.”

Read more about it at No Film School “Tons More from Adobe: Project Candy Analyzes Photos to Create Color Scheme for Video”

The next wave of innovation coming to Creative Cloud video tools | #CCNext

Via Youtube Description:

Get a peek at new ways to play with color & lots more. Offering a rich, connected & evolving creative playground, Creative Cloud gives you everything you need to edit, finesse & deliver amazing content. Learn more: bitly

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