What Comes After 3-Axis Gimbals? Maybe The 4-Axis Eyeconic Origin

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Which is the most useful for cinematic shots: a 3-axis gimbal; 5-axis in body image stabilization; or full-blown Steadicam with arm and vest? The Eyeconic Origin (currently on Kickstarter) splits the difference by addressing the up-down motion – the fourth axis — that 3-axis gimbals don’t.

3-axis gimbals are hot, and rightly so. They give small productions access to an approximation of a fully kitted out Steadicam operator, though both tools have their limitations, and the approximation is imperfect.

If you want or need to run lean, there are 3-axis gimbals now coming in at close to $1,000 that can do incredible things for the money; but if you want the absolute minimum in up/down jerkiness that comes from the camera operator running to keep up with the action, a full-blown Steadicam set-up usually provides the superior result.

To get the best of both worlds, some productions even mate a 3-axis gimbal to a Steadicam vest and arm.

Brenden Brunnette and the team think they have a better mousetrap in the Eyeconic Origin: a 3-axis gimbal with a set of mini-shock absorbers to essentially create a 4-axis gimbal (NB: there is no fourth motor).

At $2,399 with dampening (what they call the effect of the mini shock absorbers), the Eyeconic Origin is just about half the price of a MoVI M5, but it competes at that price not only with other gimbals from better-known companies like DJI and Defy, but with at least one gimbal – the CAME-TV 7800 (which we tested and liked) that is almost half the price of the Origin.

But none of them have dampening.

We haven’t seen an Eyeconic Origin in the metal (carbon fibre?) and really can’t tell you how well it works, but it IS interesting.

Then again, I smell a comparo coming up between a Sony A7 mounted on a gimbal and a Sony A7 Mark II with its 5-axis IBS.

What do you guys think?

You can learn more about the Origin on Kickstarter. [bctt tweet=”What comes after 3-axis gimbals? Maybe the Eyeconic Origin”]

The Origin: The New 4th Axis Camera Stabilizing Gimbal

Via Kickstarter:

The Origin Camera Stabilizer is a creative camera tool that allows you to capture extremely smooth footage in rugged environments. The revolutionary dampening system has pushed the technology further than we had originally anticipated. We need your help to create the final mold which will define the cutting edge design and functionality of this stabilizer. The dampening system is almost at the sweet spot where we need it to be. With your pledges we will have the opportunity to perfect the system. The Origin is also light weight. It weighs 4.5 lbs and can carry up to a 5 lbs load.

The Origin Camera stabilizer


The Origin Stabilizer is the only device with 4 axis of stability. We introduce the detachable four axis dampening system. This system provides an incredible way to fight gravity and removes bumps even out of the most rugged of film environments. Much of the up and down movement is marginalized if not completely removed with this revolutionary dampening system. There is also a second version of the dampening system being created right now. It brings the camera up higher and will keep the camera operator safe while navigating the gimbal. We took this cutting edge technology and pushed it even further. We hope you like it.

The Origin Camera Stabilizer

Learn more at “The Origin: The New 4th Axis Camera Stabilizing Gimbal” Kickstarter Campaign.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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  1. “The Origin Stabilizer is the only device with 4 axis of stability.” – not true.  Letus Helix offers a 4th axis option.  I’m with Rusty;)

  2. Christian Lagera  Wow!  This is very cool!  I didn’t forget about it…  I didn’t KNOW about it!  However, has it been brought to market yet?  It looks like it’s still in development.  Looks promising:)

  3. billaylward Christian Lagera Your right it is in development and it is a very unique design.  We hope to have it in your hands mid summer.

  4. RustyRogers We remember being at NAB last year for the Helix and it is interesting.  We know that you would love our final design.  😉  Cheers.  No arguments here just have an open mind. The origin removes the 4th axis which is the up and down plane.

  5. Christian Lagera billaylward The Origin’s 4th axis  can be attached to any device.  In essence you can make any system a 4th axis system.  We are offering that as a seperate incentive.

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