Stupid S&!t Filmmakers Say

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This 7 minute, 32-step short entitled HOW TO BE A FILMMAKER is sponsored by Kessler Crane and Fusion Cine, which makes it even better.

It is often said that humor is borne of pain.

I believe it.

What makes the new short HOW TO BE A FILMMAKER so entertaining (beyond the script, acting, production values, and obvious fun the crew had doing it) is not the number of times a person watching it groans and announces “I know someone like that” but instead, “Oh, geez, I’ve BEEN someone like that (OK, exactly that).”

Still, we will drool at the set of Zeiss Compact Primes (oh, and that IS an affiliate link right there, thanks, we appreciate the support) and all the rest of the gear porn on display in the film.

Because — just like that other porn — we can’t help it, even as we know it’s really, really bad.

This is seriously clever content marketing – so clever that many of us will watch it more than once; Kessler Crane and Fusion Cine will be etched into our brains like the advertising reach and frequency lab rats most of us truly are; and we’ll end up plunking money down with one or both of them, happily.

Or, maybe, the guys at IFHT were just having fun.

I’ll take it either way.

How many of the 32 steps have you achieved?

And which one is your favorite? [bctt tweet=”Stupid s&!t filmmakers say”]

How To Be A Filmmaker


How to be a Filmmaker

Via Kessler University:

So you want to be a filmmaker? What’s the first thing you need? You need a great camera. So you save up all your money and you invest in the best piece of hardware you can afford. You shoot a little test footage and it is looking better than anything you have ever shot. Wow, you’re about to blow everyone away!

How to be a filmmaker image 1

Next thing you know, a far better camera comes out. This new camera can shoot at a higher FPS, has better ISO capabilities and includes a built in coffee maker. Suddenly, your shiny new camera is obsolete and what you once thought was the pinnacle of filmmaking technology has become the equivalent of a typewriter from 1910. You repeat the process until (a) the end of time (b) you sell your camera for good and take up disc golf. Congratulations! You’ve completed the first step to becoming a filmmaker.

How to be a filmmaker image 2

“How to be a Filmmaker” is the ninth entry in our “How to be” series, and the idea of tackling what it means to be a filmmaker was a no brainer for us. Being filmmakers for the better part of six years now we have noticed a lot of amusing stereotypes and idiosyncrasies amongst filmmakers like ourselves. Whether it be that overwhelming compulsion to post a picture of the RED camera on set, ignoring the guy who brags about his taste in cinema, or that horrible gut feeling you get when you forgot the camera batteries; we have been through it all.

Read full article at Kessler University “How to be a Filmmaker”

How To Be A Filmmaker – Behind the Scenes

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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