SHOCK! Canon surprises everyone with Canon 4k Video Concept Camera

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Is this the Canon 4k video camera to kill all the others? Canon has been rumored to be working on a small 4k video cam and they’ve just shown off this ‘concept’ camera in China – leading into NAB coming up in 3 weeks.

These ‘teaser’ images come from a Canon event in China where Hideki Ozawa Canon (China) president was showing off new gear and the famous Jackie Chan made an on-stage appearance to help show off the new ‘concept’ camera.

So there’s confusion already… the text of the source materials say “concept” camera, yet, it looks pretty much like a production body with its build and features.

Canon 4k video DSLR or just a video camera?

While it looks a bit like a DSLR, our guess is that (based on the pictures) it is a very small Canon EOS C100 designed to be mainly video – especially since the lens attached says “Canon 4k Video Lens”

Hideki Ozawa Canon China President holds the Canon 4k concept video camera

It also happens to say “10x optical zoom – 8.9-89.0mm 1:2.8-5.6” (which we note is a damn wide range on the aperture!).

Closeup of the lens

So is it a DSLR? According to photographer Li Bai (note this is a google translation) but the writer appears to have been at the announcement so he should have some good flavor of what was said…

But top of the mode dial can also be seen, this camera also retain a lot of EOS SLR design elements, it should take into account the use of photography and video.

As Canon's own words, this new 4K cameras are cross-border products. That is not only suitable for taking pictures, but also for ultra-clear recording of 4K video.

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So there are two mentions there of shooting photos – so maybe it is a new DSLR? Is it part of the Canon Cinema EOS line? We just don't know yet.

Note how small it is side by side with a Canon EOS 5DS DSLR

Detachable or fixed lens?

While the post says that it comes with a PL and EF mount (and Canon would be insane not to include detachable lenses right?), the lens itself is very reminiscent to me of fixed video cameras so I’m suspicious.

Several forums are also suspecting it is a non-detachable lens – but again, this site says it has PL and EF mount options.

The site doesn’t give it a name, but says it is the Canon EOS One. (Not sure where they got that name as I can’t find it in any of the other sources and

For drones?

canonrumors goes on to say it is “Canon’s foray into the drone market” but I don’t quite understand that comment. Granted it is small, but is obviously a hand-held camera with the grip on the site… maybe the grip is detachable? Petapixel says it appears to rotate.

Jackie Chan shows up as well!


Specifications found on the photo rumors site

Update: I received some more details on the new camera:
• 1″ CMOS Sensor
• 58mm filter
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Similar shape to the Canon EOS 70D
• External viewfinder
• Canon 10X optical zoom 8.9-89mm f/2.8-5.6 4k video fixed lens (35mm Equi. 24-240mm)

Most of which can be diagnosed from the images – except for the sensor specification.


The photos show an electronic detachable EVF
Canon 4k video concept camera

but how does that come off? Does the LCD on the back come off and is replaced by the EVF?

have a look at this image and see what you can figure out:

Canon 4k video concept

Canon 4k video concept 2015 – back of camera

Canon EOS One?

So, what do you think?

Is this the Canon 4k video camera to trump all the others or simply a consumer 4k video camera?

Will this be the new camera announced at NAB or is it indeed a ‘concept' that we'll have to wait a long time to see?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Umm…looks like a canon FZ1000 ;) I do wonder about LCD..removable/wireless? Or at minimum articulating?

  2. Don’t need 4K. Need more color depth and frame rates. Thanks anyway.

  3. Chris Santucci 
    Downsampling to 1080 will give greater effective color depth..frame rates yet to be disclosed.

  4. Chris Santucci … I agree with you! and I add that we need:
    – more EV range… not too much, just the 14.5 stops that many competitors already have!
    – less rolling shutter, or even better, a GREAT global shutter feature!

  5. lurebartoli Chris Santucci 
    People in various forms seem to be thinking this will be Canon’s only 4k. The high end features will be on the C_00 series…and for $$$$$$

  6. Shock? Why? Let’s see if it can match the FZ1000, not only in performance (which is pretty good), but definitely in price! Knowing Canon, it will be expensive, and… probably has ‘just not enough features’ to make it worthwhile…. 

    5DmkIV guys from Canon! That’s what we need! 4K/60fps, 1080p/200fps, ‘normal’  video tooling like focuspeak and so on, and.. if they really want to come back into the game, RAW video, either by external recording or internal. ISO like the A7s, better AF , etc…. 
    But I’m afraid that by the time they have a 5DmkIV 4K camera, all other camera’s already been upgraded to even better stuff and features… 
    Btw if they, like some rumors suggest, make a 1D-XmkII, which has all those features, but… still remains a sportcam… I’m in too… :) Save me the trouble to switch camera’s if I want to do both (and switching to the 5DmkIII right now, standing in the rain and windforce 8 bft, for my 1DmkIV isn’t very handy )

  7. JePe The “shock” was that this preview of this camera was totally unexpected – came out of nowhere… not that it is the camera to beat all cameras.

  8. planetMitch JePe 
    …and that Jackie Chan is on-board. Maybe  comes with a J-Chan bobble head? ;)

  9. If this is just another DSLR and they don’t get rid of the line skipping and pixel binning for video that plagues all their other “hybrid” cameras, they may be wasting their time and ours. Even the 5DIII can’t compete for video with Panasonic and Sony with their much lower prices and features that we have needed for a long time. What can the IV have that the already superior competition doesn’t?

    It seems Canon is trying to catch up, but missed the boat. I have already dropped Canon and have committed to another brand that listens to their customers and doesn’t stick to archaic technology.

    We will see if it is too little and/or too late.

  10. Doesn’t look much like a 7D.  The grip looks like a centre pivot so you can get right down on the ground or to be able to shoot at other angles.

  11. This will be a consumer grade product. I think it’s great. I hope it’s priced low enough for the average consumer to get it. So many things out there are prosumer, and priced just above comfort level for a lot of talented people. This might be a great solution for those people to show their stuff!

  12. The viewfinder arrangement suggests “video camera”. I don’t think I’d be happy holding the camera so far away from my face for still photos.

  13. jlippencott Canon is still kicking sony and Panasonic in the backside with sales. Sure, some people have moved, but it isn’t significant movement. Canon is still #1 and people are creating great content without pixel peeping over the details. Viewers don’t care! They want good content and stories. Pixels don’t matter to them.

  14. Weird. I thought the arguments for them against 4k was that the sensors in non-pro-video cameras would overheat and would melt down into a fiery burn pit.

  15. Why is this a shock??? Its WAY OVERDUE! Something they should’ve done YEARS ago. The specs don’t even look that impressive. Canon has lost my faith. IT will take a lot to turn that around.

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