Red Giant Introduces Attractive Annual Volume Licensing for Movie Production & Post Software Suites

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Movie production and post-production software suite maker Red Giant has introduced an attractive and potentially major cost-saving floating volume licensing program for teams of ten or more. The program has the potential to unlock creativity, productivity and flexibility amongst staff at qualifying organizations and that can only be a damned good thing.

One of the most common, most acute constraints on my ability to work effectively in any of the companies I been employed by is affordability of software. The other was the affordability of hardware. Or rather, the lack of affordability of software and hardware under traditional licensing and purchasing models.

Whether large multinational corporations, foreign-owned national telcos, mid-sized global agency networks or small local news and magazine publishers, the cost of purchasing software and keeping it up to date has had serious consequences for my ability to do my job productively for my employers’ bottom line. I have had to bear the personal cost of necessary software and hardware at several employers or risk losing my job due to being ill-equipped to carry out that job.

While at one of my most recent employers, I identified an area of major growth potential at the agency’s biggest worldwide client and worked out what we would need to take advantage of it. We had the core staff and could supplement them with freelancers as needed. We had access to the necessary training.

But what we did not have access to was the essential software and hardware. For both, our branch of the agency was dependent on IT administrators and accountants at HQ located in another country. Demonstrated need did not cut it. Making a case proved ineffective. The arguments used against our request seemed arbitrary. “If you get what you need, then everyone will want it too and supplying you all will cost a fortune every year.”

They were right, at least about the latter point. Buying licences to packages containing the necessary software would have cost far too much under the traditional model. But claiming that everybody else would want the latest hardware and software too was a stretch, in my experience of the agency and corporate worlds, especially the latter.

My experience of corporate employers large and mid-sized is that most of their employees simply grin and bear using old computers and old or inappropriate software. They are accustomed to trading potential speed, efficiency and ability to do more against taking their time, taking breaks when machines and networks go down and IT takes days to get them working again.

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I was at an industry event last year when the MC did a poll on key software packages creative and production staff were using at their place of work. Some, especially those working in government departments and big corporations, were stuck with software several generations old. Many of them expressed frustration at their lack of access to newer tools needed to do their job efficiently and inability to create contemporary product types using the latest techniques. So it is a common problem.

Adobe recognized that problem and came up with its Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud monthly licensing plans, with variations for individuals, students, teachers, photographers, small and medium businesses and more.

Adobe took a great deal of flak when they changed licensing method. But, if their new method had been available and well understood when I was last in the corporate sector it would have saved our agency branch and generated an excellent revenue stream for us all. And, I would still have been in employment and possibly enjoying my daily work there too.

Red Giant is trying out a different way of doing things, directed at organizations with a number of specialists needing access to a similar movie production and post-production toolset. Some of those organizations may employ specialists and some might rely on generalists – I have seen both models in operation. Some may employ full-time staff members only and others may rely on contractors with freelancers coming and going as needed.

Either way, flexibility is key. Not everyone is going to be working away on a several full suites of products at the same nor, for that matter, on every application within each suite. Red Giant’s floating licenses seem to recognize the realities of many creative and production environments.

Each employee can benefit from having the Red Giant Complete Suite or a component suite  loaded onto their machines, checking licences in and out as needed. They are not all going to do exactly the same things or need the same software at the same time. Workplace flexibility and the need for lifelong learning would be well satisfied by access to everything Red Giant makes, on demand.

Companies wanting to take advantage of Red Giant’s Annual Volume Subscription must need at least 10 licenses. Employers that can spread those licenses across several employees, workstations or facilities will benefit the most.

The savings are attractive. Ten floating licences for the Red Giant Complete Suite at US$5,990 against ten traditional licences at US$2,999 each is a no-brainer.


Red Giant Introduces New Volume Licensing Program Designed for Organizations with Multiple Artists, Workstations and Facilities

Easy to manage and deploy floating license model for world-class motion graphics and visual effects plug-ins. Comprehensive reporting including usage data and legal compliance. Always up-to-date software and no hidden costs translate to budget predictability.

Via Red Giant Press:

Portland, OR – March 3, 2015 – Red Giant today announced its new Volume Licensing Program (VLP) for its award-winning lineup of plug-in suites, designed to meet the demands of larger organizations. A flexible and affordable solution for customers who require 10 or more floating licenses, the Volume Licensing Program removes the tedium of software deployment and management.

The Volume Licensing Program includes the option to buy an annual subscription to Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Shooter Suite, Effects Suite and Keying Suite. Customers can also buy an annual subscription to the Red Giant Complete Suite, which contains all of the suites at a discounted price. To learn more about Red Giant’s new Volume Licensing Program, please visit:

How the Program Works
Created to simplify the process of licensing, installing and updating multiple suites at once, Red Giant’s new Volume Licensing Program uses a floating license server model called Reprise License Manager (RLM) for easy management. With RLM, Red Giant volume customers requiring 10 or more seats can now “check out” licenses for use on individual client machines, then “check in” licenses after they are finished being used. This makes tracking licenses simple, while ensuring that only the exact number of licenses that were purchased are being used at any given time.

IT administrators can also gather data on each individual license, including how many are being used and when. This hands the control back to the company and increases work efficiency – administrators will always know if they have the right number of suites for their entire organization, which means they can expand or contract as needed. Best of all, keeping software up-to-date requires no effort, as VLP licenses can be updated automatically.

Volume Licensing Program featured image


Who the Program Will Benefit
In the past, Red Giant has relied on an in-house, serial number-based licensing scheme, a simple solution for non-enterprise customers who only need to manage a few licenses. However, when used within larger environments, users requested a comprehensive way to maintain multiple licenses.

As a result, Red Giant created the Volume Licensing Program, specifically designed for larger facilities using 10 or more workstations. The Program is ideal for heavier day-to-day Red Giant software users, including post-production houses, large media and entertainment brands, advertising agencies, broadcast networks and academic institutions.

Pricing and Availability
Customers may subscribe to at least one suite to take advantage of program benefits. The volume subscription pricing is as follows:

Trapcode Suite
• Annual Volume Subscription: $299 per seat (vs. $899 traditional)

Magic Bullet Suite
• Annual Volume Subscription: $299 per seat (vs. $799 traditional)

Shooter Suite
• Annual Volume Subscription: $199 per seat (vs. $399 traditional)

Effects Suite
• Annual Volume Subscription: $199 per seat (vs. $499 traditional)

Keying Suite
• Annual Volume Subscription: $299 per seat (vs. $799 traditional)

• Annual Volume Subscription: $599 per seat (vs. $2,999 traditional)

For more information, please email or call (260) 918-4505 x110.

To learn more about Red Giant’s new Volume Licensing Program, visit:

(cover photo credit: snap from Red Giant)

Karin Gottschalk

Karin Gottschalk

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