PocketSKATER²: Are Skaters The Next Sliders?

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We recently learned about the eMotimo cart, and now close on its heels is edelkrone’s manual take on the same idea, the PocketSKATER². Is this the next hot space for dynamic camera movement?

edelkrone makes uniquely designed and beautifully machined small black things for cameras – and outstanding product launch videos to match.

They’ve pruned their line and sharpened their focus, which now consists of their SLIDERPLUS and associated TARGET and ACTION modules; their two FOCUS follow focus models; their MONITOR/EVF holder; and now their refreshed POCKET series (including the POCKETRIG² and their FLEXTILT HEAD).

But it’s the third member of the POCKET series – the PocketSKATER² – that is today’s focus.

Like the eMotimo Cart, edelkrone’s PocketSKATER² is a small, three-wheeled camera platform which – and this is the key – when used on a right height, right location, glass-smooth surface can give you glass-smooth camera movement.

Unlike a slider, both have the added and perhaps primary advantage of being able to do constant radius curved tracking shots (they are also less expensive than sliders and require less setup).

But this is where the similarities between the two skaters/carts enc. While the eMotimo unit is designed from the outset as a motorized platform capable of very long, multi-axis shots (both timelapse and video), the design brief for the PocketSKATER² seems to have been focused on compactness and simplicity for small surface area video only.

Both approaches have their virtues. [bctt tweet=”Are skaters the new sliders?”]


If you’ve already bought into the eMotimo system with their TB3 controller, the cart is a relatively inexpensive add-on that allows you to really leverage multi-axis motion control for video and timelapse in ways that go beyond what a slider can do.

If you haven’t bought into the eMotimo system yet; have another motion control solution; or simply want to get high production value footage at a lower price point with a larger set of constraints, the PocketSKATER² is a great alternative.

We haven’t played with either one yet, but knowing both companies as we do, either one will go a long way to giving your productions that extra sizzle.

As the Brits might say, “spoilt for choice.”

To learn more about the PocketSKATER², visit edelkrone’s website here; to learn more about the cart, visit eMotimo’s website here.

Introducing: the new PocketSKATER²


edelkrone PocketSKATER²

Via edelkrone:

“PocketSKATER²” is the world's most flexible, ultra portable fully featured camera skater that can fit in your pocket.

The PocketSKATER² has a unique 3-wheeled flexible design that is completely tool-free.



PocketSKATER² comes with the new edelkrone Flex-Tilt Head technology so you don’t need to carry around a tripod head anymore! The Flex-Tilt Head provides easy angle, height and rotation adjustment features to further enhance your shots. You can also easily shift the centre of gravity to deliver perfect balance and stability for different setups.


Like all other edelkrone products, PocketSKATER² is built with %100 CNC machining precision for a strong, durable and light setup at the same time.

The PocketSKATER² is now available for ordering from www.edelkrone.com at the price of $249.99 with free shipping within EU and USA.

(cover photo credit: snap from edelkrone)

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