New Jag35 Shoulder Pro Takes On Established Rigs for Half the Price?

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I suffer from Zacuto Fee-N-G lust, and I am not alone.  But with this written, Zacuto is out of reach for many one-man band and indie filmmakers. What's an aspiring filmmaker to do? From the photos we've seen, it appears the new Jag35 Shoulder Pro offers a lower-cost alternative to the Fee-N-G that may have the added benefit of more weight over the shoulder instead of in front of it.  To be determined! 

First: we haven’t seen either rig in the metal.

But we can look at the photographs supplied on both web sites, and it appears that the Jag35 Shoulder Pro reflects a decision to move the camera much farther back on the rails so that it sits over the shoulder rather than in front of it — unlike the Fee-N-G. All else being equal, weight over the shoulder instead of in front is less tiring and easier to hold steady.

The Shoulder Pro’s ability to do this is predicated on having an offset EVF mounted forward, dedicated cam style, so that the camera does not need to be on the same plane as its LCD for viewing.

It makes sense.

But it IS ironic that the EVF and magnifying loupe shown in the Jag35 photo making the Shoulder Pro feasible are none other than those built by… Zacuto.

As with so many things, there is likely a set of tradeoffs in each product that will work well for some, less well for others.

Do any of you have significant experience with the Fee-N-G? Is it simply a matter of reconfiguring it so that one CAN move the camera over the shoulder? Any photos you can share?

And has anyone had experience with Jag35 products?

Please let us know your views in the comments section below. [bctt tweet=”Jag35 Shoulder Pro: A Better-Balanced Rig?”]

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(cover photo credit: snap from Jag35)

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