New Glidecam & Superstar Devin Graham!

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We’ve featured Devin Graham on planet5D a bunch of times because he’s doing some great stuff (and he busts his ass to get work – if you haven’t seen his ‘behind the scenes video about how he works, then you don’t know what insane work ethic Devin has! Note… heck, I thought we had his video in a post on planet5D, but it looks like it was deleted or I never posted it – I'll fix that next week – it is very inspiring!)

Now, he’s got his own Glidecam!

He’s used Glidecams religiously in all of his videos for years. Every week when he posts a cool new video on youtube, he also posts a behind-the-scenes video of that shoot (which is different than the one I talked about before where he talks about his business) and you always see him running with a DSLR (and now he’s shooting a lot of stuff on RED as you can see in the photo attached to the announcement).

He’s progressed from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, to a Canon EOS 1D C, and now he’s shooting RED and Phantom and other cams as well as adding several members to his team so he’s not just doing everything solo any more.

He’s a master and if you want someone to learn from, Devin’s the guy!

I’ll make it a point to go by and see him at the Glidecam booth at NAB and give you guys an update in our NAB LiveBlog so stay tuned to that!

Internet Phenomenon, Superstar Devin Graham Announces New Signature Series!!

Via Glidecam Industries, Inc:

Glidecam Industries, Inc. is very excited to announce our NEW Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series stabilization system!

Devin Graham Signature Series

The Devin Graham Signature Series System designed for All CINE, HD-DSLR and VIDEO Cameras from 2-12 pounds in weight!

Visit Devin Graham LIVE in-person at the Glidecam NAB booth
Monday and Tuesday April 13-14 2015!!

Stay tuned for all the exciting details!



Visit Glidecam at NAB Show

Date: April 13-16, 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas NV
Glidecam booth: #C7712

(cover photo credit: snap from Glidecam Industries, Inc.)

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