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Filmic Pro Video Contest Winner VADRANGI is iPhoneography Tour de Force

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A pen doesn’t write the poem — the poet does. And so it is with the grand prize winner of the Filmic Pro Video Contest: the iPhone didn’t make VADRANGI — Harikanth Gunamagari did, along with his team.
The iPhone camera is no toy. Filmic Pro – the app that really put iPhoneography on the map – proves it with the recently announced winners of its video contest.

I was especially taken by the story and cinematography of VADRANGI, but also enjoyed the beautifully spare and perfectly executed winner in the action category entitled THE DEPTH OF MY COMEDY.

Professionals – and most enthusiasts – are not going to give up their dedicated cameras to shoot with smartphones for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the simple fact that they want their phones available to them 24/7, and using phones as cameras gets in the way.

But this changes nothing about the undeniable quality and capability of these smartphone cameras, most especially in the latest iPhones.

Once upon a time, Mario Testino famously shot with the Contax TVS III point & shoot and Daido Moriyama lent tremendous credibility to the original Ricoh GR1. Even Cartier Bresson used a Leica Minilux on occasion, and Annie Liebovitz occasionally shot with a Contax T2.

Now it is the iPhone — with its fusion of hardware and software – that is increasingly the go-to casual camera even for professionals, and points the way for ALL cameras in the future, dedicated or not.

The iPhone is raising the bar for everyone.


Filmic Pro Video Contest Winners!

Via Filmic Pro:

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of the video contest winners! Thank you for showing us what is possible with a mobile device and FiLMiC Pro. We’d also like to congratulate and thank ALL of the contestants who entered their films to the contest in all six categories. We were completely blown away and had a very difficult time deciding on the six finalists. We have many honorable mentions to give in the upcoming week to more of the talented artists who created amazing films, so stay tuned!

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Filmic Pro Video Contest



Vadrangi by Kala Media

The Depth Of My Comedy

(cover photo credit: snap from Filmic Pro)

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