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Canon Light Awards: Stills Competition Yields Cool Promo Video

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 Promo videos for The Canon Light Awards meld still images taken by photographers with 360° tracking shots of each one talking about their work — lending a literal, visual punch to the behind the scenes insight of the interviews.  
Here’s a very nice piece about still images; the promo videos for the the Canon Light Awards competition into which they were entered; and a behind the scenes video of the promo video – which in turn was designed to capture and mirror the behind the scenes insight for each still image which was the subject of each promo.

Did you get all of that?  

Irrespective of whether or not that was clear as mud, just watch the two videos in sequence – and enjoy!

How Motion Can Add Depth to Your Shots – 360 Degree Interview Technique

Via Cinema5D:

Late last year Canon Australia started a photography competition, the Canon Light Awards. They challenged photographers to come up with creative ideas, each month inspired by other photographer’s examples.

The promo video itself is a very creative approach at interviewing a photographer and looking at the story “behind the image”. [bctt tweet=”Novel 360° tracking shot and BTS for Canon Light Awards promo”]


Enter The Canon Light Awards: Australia's most exciting photography competition


We don’t do many stories on creative filmmaking at cinema5D, but this promo caught my eye as it shows in a beautiful way what motion can do for a shot in terms of storytelling.

Canon Light Awards

Filmmaker Christopher Ireland from The Pool Collective directed three promo’s for Canon that add the depth of the photographer’s perspective to their images through an intriguing 360 degree setup. But it wasn’t the creative 360 degree approach that makes these videos work stand it out, it’s the fact that this movement tells a story.

Read full article at Cinema5D “How Motion Can Add Depth to Your Shots – 360 Degree Interview Technique”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Cinema5D)

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