Can EF lens be an awesome MFT Cinema Lens? Aputure DEC prototype hits planet5D

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There are many people who are investigating moving from a Canon DSLR over to a micro 4/3 (MFT) camera but, they don't want to give up their awesome Canon lens inventory. Plus, they would also love to have a follow focus unit that was all electronic.

Well, thanks to Aputure, who has just released the first prototypes of the Aputure DEC EF-MFT Adapter, you'll get that chance in the near future!

I was lucky enough to get one of the first prototypes and it in my mailbox late yesterday afternoon, And I was excited to Rush to the observatory downstairs to put together this first look at this new awesome follow focus for micro 4/3 and Canon lenses.

Now, and the caveat is that I don't currently have an MFT body, so I'm not able to show you the final look out of a camera, but I was able to demonstrate all of the functionality with one of my Canon lenses. And I'm sure you will be pretty excited once you see this.


  • Totally wireless Electronic follow focus for Canon EF lenses on a MFT body
  • Start/stop function for video
  • Pre-sets for A and B focus points
  • Exposure adjustments in 1/3 stops – looks pretty smooth
  • Aperture lock
  • Electronic readout of focal length and aperture

Aputure DEC prototype hits planet5D

When with the Aputure DEC be out?

I spoke with Ted from the US Office of Aputure, and here's what he said about availability and pricing:

We're still in prototype stages. If all checks out well, it should be available in the next month. If there's still a few more bugs, it may be longer.

Pricing is not set yet… Afraid I don't have any information on that yet.

Start and stop sure will work for any MFT camera!

And yes both MFT and E-Mount Options are available.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Nice unit.  Only for MFT, not Full Frame?  Would love to use it with my Sony A7s.  A nice upgrade for Aputure would be progammable moves so you could set A & B start/stop points, set a speed, then hit a button and it would do the focus for you.  Thanks Mitch.  By the way, I assume you’re going to NAB 2015.  Would love to meet you and say high.  Are you reporting from the show each day at a fixed location maybe?

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