75 Canon EOS 600D Bullet Time Array

75 Canon EOS 600D Bullet Time Array Used to Film BMX Wiz Viki Gomez

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In this installment of our occasional series “This is Sick (But in a Good Way),” we bring you A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF RIDING, a 75 Canon EOS 600D time bullet array showcasing the skill of BMX wizard Viki Gomez – and everyone else behind the cameras.

This really IS sick in a good way, and not just because of the 75 Canon EOS 600D array, the Phantom, or all the amazing software and other kibbles and bits.

In this instance – as always — the real stars of this short film are the people both in front of AND behind the cameras. Five years in development? Holy cow.

That’s passion and commitment.

Watch and enjoy.

Message from Christian Van Hanja:

“Here is our world premiere : a short film shot wit a 75 camera bullet time array, a motion control robot, and a Phantom flex! I hope you will enjoy” [bctt tweet=”75 Canon EOS 600Ds used in Matrix-style bullet time of BMX Wiz Viki Gomez”]

A momentary lapse of riding.


Via Vimeo Description:

After almost 5 years of development, 3 days of preparation and 8 hours of shooting, This is the first BMX clip ever filmed combining : 4K Ultra high definition, PHANTOM Ultra slow motion and a 75 dslr Cam Array.

Enjoy BMX flatland legend Viki Gomez in an epic link, filled with his creative and stylish riding. Directed by Christian Van Hanja, with the support of Propulsion, Sub-lab, Ciné-Motion-Lab, Ciné-lum and Profoto.

75 Canon EOS 600D Bullet Time Array

Image Snap from video


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Huh? I was waiting for more and it never came. What happened to the push-in details and the ultra slow-mo footwork. The bullet-time never went 180.

  2. really? again? next time maybe 76 cameras!  ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

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