4K Video Panoramic from the Canon 5D Mark II (or any full HD DSLR)

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Here's a guest post sent to us by Paul Webb. You can check out his website at farm5.clik.com/PaulWebbPhoto/

To keep some of us ticking over until we see a Canon EOS 5D released with 4K video, here´s something fun to play with.

Some Background:

It seems that every time the film “Apocolypse Now” comes on, there´s something new to appreciate. This time around, it was the wonderful cinematography (by Vittorio Storaro) which jumped out.

To put it simply, there was so much more “image” than that which can be achieved with a standard DSLR.

A desire for a wider image (without cropping into the pixels), the lusting after a 5D with cinema 4K and my background in photography led me to creating a “video pano” – a combination of shots blended together to create something worthy of the word widescreen.

Canon 5D 4K Video Panoramic Sample Clips


How To Shoot It and Put it Together:

With the camera on a tripod, shoot the talent and leave space on both sides of the image. Ask the talent nicely to move out of the shot, and then swivel the camera to shoot extra footage to the left and/or right of the main shot.
As with doing a photographic panoramic, there should be lots of overlap to the images. Blend the shots using the Linear Wipe tool and we have a widescreen image that can go up to and beyond 6K, if that´s your thing.

The sweet spot is around 2.5K to 3K, meaning the talent is not ´lost´ in the image.

Video Panoramic Tutorial

Issues and Drawbacks:

For the video clips to blend well together, everything in the background needs to be out of focus – and with minimal movement in the scene. Likewise, the talent cannot stray into the sides of the main clip, otherwise hands and arms start to disappear.

The Challenge:

I would have loved to have gotten some sample footage in places like New York, London, Paris etc., but that didn´t happen. If anyone can take this technique and run with it, post a link in the comments section for us to check out. Have fun!

I've included some screen grabs (at 2560 x 1080 pixels) from one of the videos showing off the technique.

Thanks again!


Screen Grabs

4K Video Panoramic




(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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