Stereo Audio Off Center? Impossible to fix until now! + Huge discount

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Final Cut Pro X plug-in specialist CrumplePop continues its push into audio with a whole new type of plug-in – Magnetic Stereo, designed to automatically fix unbalanced stereo recordings.

High quality stereo audio continues to come to the fore as more dedicated stereo mikes appear and immersive audio technology moves out of cinemas into home theaters.

More stereo audio acquisition…

At the higher end of stereo audio acquisition, RØDE added its Stereo VideoMic X to an existing line-up of hot-shoe mounted stereo DSLR microphones while its i-XY plug-in mic for Apple iOS devices is now in its second generation.

At the peak of immersive domestic audio playback, Dolby Laboratories’ Atmos at home continues to revolutionize home theater set-ups and that trend will continue with new sound-bar solutions appearing from established home theater system manufacturers over the coming months.

The time has never been riper for moviemakers to dive deep into high quality stereo audio acquisition and editing and especially in getting it just right. As my best friend, currently working in audio digital signal processing, pointed out the other day, all this new hardware demands appropriate software to get the best out of those carefully acquired sounds. And software, like hardware, takes either the high road or the affordable one.

… means more sophisticated audio post-processing

On the high side you can go the whole hog, buy a license for Logic Pro X then go in search of some training in movie sound editing, sweetening and effects.

Or you can start off by acquiring a plug-in like CrumplePop’s Magnetic Stereo to do some stereo balancing heavy lifting for you. Except that, so far as I know, there is no other plug-in quite like this one.

The rationale for solo moviemakers acquiring sound with affordable stereo hardware like the Zoom H4N, Zoom iQ6, RØDE i-XY or the RØDE Stereo Videomic is their reliability and ease of use. But that ease can be deceptive if your subject is prone to moving about too much for you to keep up with.

Too much movement off your stereo mic’s axis can lead to unbalanced sound — too much on the left or too much on the right — and a disoriented feeling for your viewers-cum-listeners. Up to now, rebalancing off-kilter stereo audio has demanded painstaking key-framing and re-centering of both audio tracks in your non-linear editor (NLE) or digital audio workstation (DAW). [bctt tweet=”CrumplePop Releases Magnetic Stereo to auto-fix, re-center off-balance stereo recordings in FCPX. “]

But now Magnetic Stereo means you can do to all in FCPX automatically or manually via a Lissajous meter and manual controls. Previously Lissajous meters usually came as part of pricey metering plug-in suites like iZotope’s Insight or Audiofile Engineering’s more affordable Triumph audio editor and post-production toolset.

Both those products involve steep learning curves. Magnetic Stereo, somewhat related to the Lissajous meter inside Triumph, does not. The question is, what is your time worth and how much do you want to achieve inside Final Cut Pro X instead of jumping from there to other applications and back?

One-week launch discount for Magnetic Stereo

CrumplePop is offering a one week-only USD40.00 off discount after which the regular price will go up to USD79.00.

Just apply the following coupon when at the CrumplePop check-out:


Magnetic Stereo

Magnetic Stereo: Plugin for automatically fixing audio from your stereo mic in FCPX

Use a stereo mic or field recorder? Magnetic Stereo by Audiofile Engineering is a lightning-fast way to balance your stereo audio.


Via CrumplePop:

Magically Fix Your Stereo Audio

Magnetic Stereo

Magnetic Stereo analyzes and dynamically balances your stereo audio once it becomes off-center. If the mic was aimed improperly, or your subject moved, Magnetic Stereo automatically centers your audio.

If you'd rather balance your stereo channels manually, Magnetic Stereo also includes a full-featured Lisajou meter and manual controls.

Works With Your Stereo Mic

Magnetic Stereo image 3

Magnetic Stereo works great with any stereo mic – whether your video was shot with the Rode iXY, Rode Stereo Videomic, Stereo Videomic X, the Zoom iQ6, or Zoom H4N field recorder.

No matter what stereo microphone your interview was shot with, Magnetic Stereo will help you deliver audio that is more polished and professional.

Drag, Drop, and Your Stereo is Balanced

Magnetic Stereo image 4

Don't have hours to spend keyframing your stereo audio? Just drag and drop, and Magnetic Stereo will analyze your stereo audio and balance the channels dynamically. You can just sit back and watch.

Learn more about Magnetic Stereo Here.

(cover photo credit: snap from CrumplePop)

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