Speedlight on a Rope: Modern Twist on An Old Story

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Start with a dynamic subject, great setting, and solid gear. Add a dollop of different, and voilà: a new take on Ben Franklin discovering electricity with a key and a kite. Call it Speedlight on a rope. 

This time, it’s not Philadelphia, but Cape Town. It’s not Ben Franklin, it's art photographer and kiteboarder Lars Daniel Terkelsen.

It's not natural electricity transmitted down a kite line and captured to a key, it’s a burst of light from a Yongnuo flash attached to a kiteboard line illuminating Nick Jacobsen grabbing air.

Ironically, it was the lack of wind that led Terkelsen to pull together the Canon 5D Mk III, the brilliant 70-200/2.8L, a Yonguo 560 III flash, a Pocket Wizard, and a CAMRIG GoPro line mount to make the shots.

Pretty darned cool!

And even more interesting (and impressive) that Terkelsen went beyond his usual repertoire to do this.

Congrats, Lars! [bctt tweet=”Speedlight on a Rope: Modern Twist on Old Story”]

See Speedlights Transform your Sports Photography with a Little Ingenuity


Via SLR Lounge:

Taking something old or common and doing something new with it is always refreshing and rewarding, and sometimes seeing how someone else has used a tool you may have become bored with is just what’s needed to re-ignite the creative facility. This is what Art photographer Lars Daniel Terkelsen will do for many, myself included, with his kiteboarding shots in South of pro rider Nick Jacobsen.

Speedlights Lars Daniel

During Red Bull’s King of the Air in Cape Town, Terkeleson, and indeed the participants of the event were subject to the whims of mother nature who wasn’t providing the necessary winds for the event, so the riders seemed to be playing and practicing. It did, however, present an opportunity to take advantage of the ‘down-time’ and the regal location to shoot some really creative action shots.

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On Location with Nick Jacobsen

As we hang tight for the Red Bull King of the Air 2015, Nick Jacobsen and Lars Daniel have been busy producing some amazing images here in Cape Town. WOO followed along to see how the duo has been working their magic!


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(cover photo credit: snap from SLR Lounge)

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