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A few weeks ago, RØDE made some awesome announcements and I was at their RØDEShow 2015 and it as so much fun seeing the products and catching up with old friends and making new ones.

RØDE has released a video of the event which features me!

Okay, there are some other people in the video but I only saw myself. I guess I have a case of tunnel vision. Ha ha

I'm also including the video that I shot with Ryan Burke from RØDE that I edited and uploaded but apparently never posted on the blog. Not only do I have tunnel vision but apparently I also have old-timers I can't remember to post everything that I shoot.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these videos from the RØDEShow 2015

RØDE Show 2015

RØDE Microphones has held the largest simultaneous product launch in the company’s history, introducing multiple new products and categories at an exclusive event in San Diego, USA.


RØDEShow 2015 News Announcements with Ryan Burke from RØDE

At the RØDE Show 2015, RØDE announced some incredible new microphones and planet5D was there to not only live tweet the event but to get direct information from Ryan Burke!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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