Motionnine Launches Beautifully Engineered New Cage for Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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Korean moviemaking accessories manufacturer Motion9 aka Motionnine has launched its camera cage for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. If I owned a 7D Mark II, I would snap one up in a heartbeat. If you are a 7D Mark II owner, you may wish to order one right now.

I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to describe the latest release by Motion9 as beautifully engineered or, for that matter, beautifully designed and beautifully made. It is unlikely that Motion9’s high standards in design, engineering and manufacturing have slipped since the release of their Cube Cage for the Panasonic Lumix GH4 in 2014. That particular cage is so good I now own two of them.

I don’t own a 7D Mark II or a Canon EOS 5D Mark III but if I were using either for making movies I would certainly want the security and extensibility that Motion9’s cages bestow on them. Since the incident involving my GH4 and its cage that I wrote about late last year, I don’t want to use any camera without protecting it comfortably and safely any more. The best way of doing that, I have found, is with a formfitting cage.

Motion9 Cube Cage 5D Mark III & 7D Mark II

Motion9’s approach to camera cages has evolved since their designs for the Panasonic Lumix GH4, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Sony’s A7s. Those cage models from last year came with a choice of the Classic Handle or the Round Handle. I have both and each design has its pros and cons. Motion9’s Classic Pro Handle is an entirely new design that made its first appearance on their 5DmarkIII Cage launched earlier this year.

This handle’s two biggest virtues? It can be snapped on and off the NATO accessory rail that you keep bolted on to your cage. And the handle’s centre of balance can be moved fast and easily by loosening its butterfly nut.

Motion9 launches beautifully engineered Canon 7D Mark II camera cage. Discounts now available. Click To Tweet

I would love two of them for my Motion9 GH4 cages. I want to carry my already-assembled cameras-plus-cages in a well-padded, secure backpack designed for female body shapes. I need to remove my cage-clad cameras fast, quickly snap on their handles and get to work with minimal delay. I have yet to find that ideal backpack but I am ever hopeful and always looking.

The Motion9 team has also come up with a new cable clamp — the Cube Cage One Touch Cable Clamp. This works in the same way as their new Classic Pro Handle. The clamp is attached to the cage via a short NATO accessory rail and is snaps easy on, easy off. The clamp also acts as a handle.


Attaching two handles to a cage boosts your ability to securely handhold your now-protected camera. Though not NATO-enabled like their latest designs, Motion9's older cable clamps and top handles on my GH4 cages have proven invaluable time and again in maintaining good grip when shooting or carrying while on location.

I’d also like to recommend you take a look at two other moviemaking accessories that Motion9 launched this year — their Linecam 34 and Linecam 46 sliders. I recently received a Linecam 34 and will be trying it out and writing about it soon.

Some cages and accessories now on sale at Motion9


Motion9 is currently offering their 7DmarkII Cage, 5DmarkII Cage (body only), Classic Pro Handle and One Touch Cable Clamp as sale items. While at the Motion9 website, I recommend you take a look at some of their many accessories for their cages, such as their bolt-on hot shoes (aka cold shoes), rod riser and CubePower external battery and charger. Special rod risers for the 5D Mark III and 7D Mark 2 will be appearing soon.

You can’t have too many bolt-on cold shoes, especially when working on location. I often use three on one cage and carry another three just in case. Perish the thought that yet another sudden Sydney harbour-side wind blast comes up and blows a cold shoe out of my hands and into the drink. I always remember Philip Bloom's accident with his GH2 and Gitzo tripod when shooting near water.

CUBE 7D2 (EOS 7D Mark II form-fitting cage)

Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera cage

Via Motionnine:

  • Carved out of a single piece of aluminum
  • Precise ergonomic design
  • Unlimited usage of mode buttons, memory & battery cartridges and hot shoe
  • Quick-release, Nato rails for top handle and cable clamp



  • Carved out of a single piece of aluminum
  • Hard anodizing surface processing
  • Adjustable body support for bigger lenses

– Top handle

  • Top handle can be easy assembled by Nato rail
  • Bigger, Longer, Thicker and quick adjustable handle
  • Cold shoes in both horizontal and vertical as well as a hole for 15mm rod clamp

Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera cage image 2
Cable clamp

  • One-touch quick release cable clamp
  • Nato rail for easy assemble
  • Safe & Sturdy cable clamping of springs and rubber pads
  • A firm second handle

Camera and hand support accessories

  • Perfect matching with camera
  • Comfortable wooden hand support
  • Small piece of wood surely give you great grip feeling
  • The mode buttons could be used more convenient by using the covered aluminum pieces

Learn more about Motionine's Canon EOS 7D Mark II form-fitting cage


(cover photo credit: snap from Motionnine)

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