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How to create Youtube Annotation Boxes with Screenflow for Mac

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I've recently been learning more and more about marketing, and one of the big tips I've been intending to implement on my own videos is using more annotations in youtube.

It isn't hard to do, but it also isn't really terribly obvious either.

People who are getting a lot of traffic on youtube (and don't forget it is the second largest search engine on the planet!) are people who also ask viewers to subscribe as well as creating boxes at the end of their video to link to other things like their own videos.

I am seeing this being done on many popular YouTube accounts, but never implemented it myself.

So I created this tutorial for adding boxes to the end of your videos and I happen to be using screen flow for the Mac as a simple editor.

Of course, this can also be done with something like FCPX and Adobe Premiere.

Youtube Annotations with Screenflow for Mac

planetMitch talks about putting annotations in your Youtube videos and how it can create an impact to your viewers

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