FREE LIVE Discussion of Canon Camera Announcements on Friday

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Hey everyone! It seems SO firm that Canon will be announcing new cameras this coming Friday – and I want to try to do something new and untried – so we're going to do a LIVE FREE Canon Camera Announcements Panel Discussion with Deejay from and we've invited others (we'll update this as they confirm) and we'll be doing live Q&A with YOU!

So sign up now!

Why make you sign up? Well, first, you're going to get several emails as reminders and since we're going to record it, you'll also get an email when that's online in case you can't make it live. You will not get a bunch of spam – tho we may invite you to other planet5D webinars in the future.

But the advantage of attending live is you get to ask questions of our panel!

Register Now

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Well, we don't know for 100% sure about anything! I'm not under and NDA and I don't have any leads from Canon or anyone else, but sites like sure make it feel like there's an announcement coming this week.

So I decided to just put this together – we'll do it whether there is an announcement or not.

(cover photo credit: snap from the webinar page)

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