Atomos Announces Slew of Updates to Shogun

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10-minute video update by CEO Jeromy Young released January 29th indicates not only are they listening to their customers' feedback on the Atomos Shogun –they’re doing something about it.

It looks like Atomos has received a LOT of feedback about how the Shogun ought to be improved.

The good news is that Atomos appears to be moving quickly to act on that feedback, with everything from dramatically upgrading battery capacity — and initiating a swap for people who have already purchased the Shogun with the original — to including a sun hood; adding 3D LUTs; enabling down-convert from 4K to HD; new separate left and right channel audio control; metadata cut tagging; and more.

If it sounds like some people may have been less than pleased with the launch package, it has also been demonstrated time and again that the customers most loyal to any brand are usually those who have had problems resolved in ways which exceeded their expectations.

Kudos, guys, for moving in that direction. It’s a win/win.

Atomos Shogun Playback Update

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Atomos Shogun

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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