12 RED Cameras, 20 GoPro’s, 2 ARRI Alexa’s & 1 Phantom Flex 2K Shoot The JAGON Film

Student Film JAGON Shot with 12 RED Cameras, 20 GoPros, 2 Alexas, 1 Phantom… and a Partridge in a Pear Tree?

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It would have been noteworthy if James Cameron himself had shot AVATAR 2 with this gear, but this is for the student film JAGON. Yeah: a student film.

Is this even possible?

The gear list is jaw-dropping, but the actual footage is compelling, too – though neither is nearly as stunning as the thought that this is a student film shot in 12 days.

But there it was in the post over at cinescopohilia.com: “Videos via Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg.”

Now, cinescopophilia is a reputable site, but I still had my doubts.

Just look at the title: Jagon. I didn’t know what jagon meant, but I had my suspicions. A quick trip to the hand-dandy urbandictionary.com revealed this entry:

An alien sex organ. Comes from the episode of South Park when they discover that Earth is just a realityTV show.
“Oh yeah, you got my jagon all hard!”

So – it’s a joke, right?


This is the real deal, confirmed by the phone call I made to the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Fortunately, the person at the other end of the line spoke English better than I speak German, and after a minute or two of confusion she was able to confirm the film is indeed a student project by looking up the director, Murat Eyüp Gönültas.

When I asked her who or what SWR is (the film is being done in partnership with them) I learned that it is a TV station in southern Germany. Ah — now it makes at least a little more sense.

Is this typical of the kind of opportunity that film schools provide these days? Is this the level of hands-on learning available at USC, UCLA and NYU?

I really am gobsmacked – but take a look for yourself.

12 RED Cameras, 20 GoPro’s, 2 ARRI Alexa’s & 1 Phantom Flex 2K Shoot The JAGON Film

Via Cinescopophilia:

As Behind the Scenes Videos go, this student film “Jagon” BTS is top shelf, drop jaw geekdom with 36 cameras in play. Most of them used at the same time during the movies action scenes.

12 RED Cameras, 20 GoPro’s, 2 ARRI Alexa’s & 1 Phantom Flex 2K Shoot The JAGON Film

Bonus: Watch the Guy under the crane at 0:21…

An old hunter finds the lost rosary of a mysterious saracen princess, which keeps an old secret power.

A student shortfilm project shot in 12 days in cooperation with SWR. See 12 Reds and 20 GoPros in action simultaneously, 2 Alexa Cameras and one Phantom Flex 2k. Enjoy


JAGON Shortfilm Behind the Scenes

DIRECTOR: Murat Eyüp Gönültas

DP: Tony Kopec

EDITOR: Fabian Gustus


PRODUCER: Hannes Höhn, Johannes Kunkel

JAGON First Look Teaser


Check out article from Cinescopophilia “12 RED Cameras, 20 GoPro’s, 2 ARRI Alexa’s & 1 Phantom Flex 2K Shoot The JAGON Film”


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(cover photo credit: snap from Cinescopophilia)

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  1. students: getting all the sexy gear they dont need, no proper art director… still looks like a student film to me

  2. CarlStevens1 aaaalexandredo We’ll be interviewing a couple of the senior people at der filmakademie, so stay tuned!

  3. um, that amount of gear didn’t come free…. looks like some one had a couple hundred $K to blow to get all that together…

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