Simple Sunday Survey - C100

Simple Sunday Survey #3 – Canon EOS C100?

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Well, I am behind schedule as usual. We did do the Simple Sunday Survey on Sunday but it was late because my hard drive crashed on my iMac Saturday. I spent most of the day Sunday trying to backup things just in case.

I do regular backups, and I have several backups on the cloud, but I always get nervous and so when I had the opportunity to recover the disk before I took at the store to get repaired, I took it. So all they Sunday was wasted.

Look for another post on a backup reminder in a couple of days.

I'm really enjoying doing the simple Sunday survey, Because it is reminding me that I need to be reporting more to you on a regular basis with my smiling face. I hope you are enjoying it as well.

Read about this weeks survey below and sound off in the comments!

audio version




video version

Simple Sunday Survey #3 – C100?


Simple Sunday Survey - C100

planetMitch talks about the results from the Simple Sunday Survey #3 where he asked “With the recent drop in price on the Canon EOS C100, will you move up from a DSLR now?”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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