Panasonic Lumix GH4 update

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Firmware Update 2.1 Is Great News for Atomos, HDMI & YAGH Users

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Panasonic has finally released the Lumix GH4 update originally scheduled for mid-December 2014 and it is great news for cinematographers using HDMI output from their GH4 cameras and from YAGH units to the Atomos Shogun recorder with 7-inch monitor.

For the rest of us, not so much, though playback of recorded 4K has been improved and a problem with commencing recording of time lapse shots during summer time has been fixed. Those of us hankering for V-Log and hopefully V-Gamut to appear on the GH4 will need to remain hopeful for a bit longer.

What are V-Log and V-Gamut?

I have yet to find a comprehensive description of the features and benefits of the V-Log profile and the V-Gamut color space so I put together what little I could find out or deduce in an article at planet5D late November last year – Panasonic Lumix GH4 Firmware Update for December Confirmed – Will It Include V-Log?

If readers have come across better descriptions please share them in the comments below.

Meanwhile I suggest taking a look at the video provided by News Shooter’s Matt Allard at Inter Bee 2014: Panasonic Gh4 V-Log Picture Profile Spotted in the Wild (Updated) for how V-Log looks on the GH4’s monitor.

The firmware updates for the GH4 camera body and the YAGH unit are at this page:

* Joint update service for Four Thirds lenses


Some Lens Firmware Updates Too

While you are downloading firmware update 2.1, you may wish to also check out the lens firmware updates. Updated firmware for the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 Lumix G Vario Zoom lens was released on January 21 while firmware for the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens was made available on January 15.

The latter update can be found on this page:

OLYMPUS Lenses firm update for Panasonic camera body

I was originally alerted to the availability of the GH4 and YAGH updates by an article at 4/3 Rumors so over to them for further information about the exact contents of the firmware, version 2.1. [bctt tweet=”Great news for GH4, Atomos and YAGH users with firmware version 2.1!”]

Panasonic releases the new big GH4 and YAGH firmware update!

Panasonic Lumix GH4 update

Via 43Rumors:

Panasonic finally released the new 2.1 firmware update for the GH4 and the new 1.1 firmware update for the YAGH interface unit. You can download it here:


1. Time code can be embedded to the HDMI output signal.
– Selectable in Motion Picture menu : [Time Code]>[HDMI Time Code Output] * Available when DMC-GH4 or DMW-YAGH are connected with the products of ATOMOS Global Pty. Ltd. or the products complying with the extended specifications of ATOMOS Global Pty. Ltd..

2. RSS (Recording Start/Stop) signal can be embedded to the HDMI output signal.
– Selectable in Motion Picture menu : [HDMI Rec Output]>[HDMI Recording Control] * Available when DMC-GH4 or DMW-YAGH are connected with the products of ATOMOS Global Pty. Ltd. or the products complying with the extended specifications of ATOMOS Global Pty. Ltd..

3. FHD at 30p/25p native output via HDMI is available while recording video in FHD at 30p/25p.
– Selectable in Motion Picture menu : [HDMI Rec Output]>[1080/30p Set.] or [1080/25p Set.]

4. Playback performance of recorded 4K video is improved.

5. [Time Lapse Shot] Program is fixed to start recording at the designated time even when [summer time] is set.

Read full article at 43Rumors “Panasonic releases the new big GH4 and YAGH firmware update!”


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(cover photo credit: snap from 43Rumors)

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  1. Do you think that V-Log will improve lowlight capability at all? I’ve read a few articles that have my imagination wondering, one of which is the following that said this about the Vari35:

    “We’ve seen similar ISO schemes before, namely with
    Dual ISO Raw, but it looks like Panasonic has taken it to a whole new
    level with a technology that uses two ISO points at which to set the
    dynamic range, without having to amplify it and bring in more noise and
    gain. That means they can essentially capture upper and lower ISO
    and then gamma correct both before putting them together… At least,
    that’s the theory. They’re rather moot on the secret sauce for that.”

    I don’t know anything about the Vari35, so I’m not sure if this is a sensor-related thing, or a firmware thing, or a V-Log thing. It just has me intrigued. What do you think? Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much Plannet 5D! as I’m a GH4, Shogun, YAGHE and 35-100 lens user. Woau! what a bingo!

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