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What is expensive in one context is a no-brainer in another. Redrock Micro introduces updated wireless focus, purpose-built battery and custom cables for 3-axis gimbals.

When you’re starting out in filmmaking, the two things you have in abundance that seasoned professionals don’t are ignorance and time.

Which is just as it should be.

You inevitably spread yourself terribly thin as you try to learn-by-doing as much as possible (you learn about collaboration not too much later if you’re fortunate). You spread your meager dollars across as much kit as you can to achieve that cinematic look which you fell in love with in the first place.

Of course, if you truly are a one-man band, you’re also figuring out that your editing suite is going to chew up a pile of cash as the need for storage size and speed grows the more successful you become – along with the miscellaneous grading tools and plug-ins that can help set you apart (or at least improve your workflow).

But back to your first steps and gear-vana: you invest in camera, lenses, supports, rigs, audio, lights… and at some point maybe even a 3-axis gimbal, holy of holies.

It’s hard to justify, though, then spending as much (or more!) on gimbal accessories as you spent on the gimbal itself.

So you don’t, and are happy to cobble together DIY solutions to get gorgeous dynamic motion, maybe not even with a gimbal but a used stabilizer.

Which – again – is just as it should be.

Fast-forward a few years.

You’ve had a modicum of success. Maybe a lot of success. You don’t do it all anymore. You specialize.You either hire crew or hire out as part of a crew. The projects are complex enough so that you have the budget for the equipment you need, and the biggest cost of the gig is now the people themselves.

Every minute counts.

Now YOU are the one who has neither the time nor patience to cobble together solutions that may go wrong in the middle of a shoot – because you know what happens when they do.

Ah, the joys of hard-earned scar tissue.

Suddenly those gimbal accessories like Redrock Micro’s wireless focus controller; their gimbal-specific, super flexible and thin cables; and the single smart battery through which you run all your accessories for the gimbal — from said focus controller to monitor, wireless video system, even the camera itself and more — look like a bargain.

And they are.

I am far from that point, but in the meantime, I can still ogle.

Get More from Your Camera Gimbal with New Gimbal Gear from Redrock Micro

Via Redrock Micro Press:

New flexCables, updated wireless focus, and safe accessory power from single battery deliver best gimbal performance ever

Hollywood, CA and Dallas, TX – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional cinema accessories, today announced a suite of new products that increase performance and add important features for popular gimbals including Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, Defy, and others. Redrock Gimbal Gear consists of the updated microRemote wireless remote focus system, flexCable super flexible cables, powerPack power distribution to safely power all onboard accessories from a single battery, and camera rigging options for outfitting cameras on gimbals.

“I cannot say enough about when a company sees what we are doing in the industry, takes note and takes action”, said Shane Hurlbut, ASC cinematographer and Director of Photography. “That is exactly what Redrock has done with their new powerPack for gimbals and flexCables.

The powerPack gives my operators and techs the ability to regulate power from a base station platform. This platform maintains and regulates power so that we can see where it is draining and what needs replaced. It also allows you to have one central location to power your monitor, wireless follow focus and video transmitter, while being regulated.

My MoVI techs have been looking for a solution for cable management and now we have found it with Redrock’s new cables. Their design allows us to rig the MoVI with more flexibility, it decreases the chances of creating tension and locking up your MoVI. It is devices and improvements like these which continue to revolutionize the industry.”

Redrock Micro Gimbal

Redrock Micro Press Continued

Control focus wirelessly or as a solo operator with updated microRemote.

The award-winning and wildly popular microRemote has been updated with new designs and features for gimbal use. The compact Torque motor is now even smaller, logging in at a 10% smaller 86mm total height, and features a new angled cable port for more compact rigging.

The updated wireless hand unit is 30% smaller and lighter and includes an updated radio with a commanding 1 mile line of sight range. New microRemote 2.0 firmware increases performance and reliability, and adds new features such as electronic backlash adjustment (the firmware is a free upgrade and is customer installable.) With the already released fingerwheel for operator-controlled focus, microRemote kits remain the best value in professional focus control, starting at $1,590 for fingerwheel bundle and $2,485 for wireless remote bundle.

“Hello World is a premiere production rental and sales company in New York, and our clients expect the best from us,” said Zach Rockenstyre of Hello World Communications. “Between the thumbwheel, compact size, and compatibility with the Freefly controller, the microRemote makes a strong case for best gimbal wireless focus system.”


Safely power all your accessories from a single battery with powerPack for Gimbals.

The powerPack for gimbals enables a single lipo battery to safely power all your gimbal accessories, including onboard monitor, wireless video transmitter, and wireless remote focus. When using the microRemote, a fourth power port can be used to power your camera or other camera-top accessory. Packaged cables are available for the most popular accessories from SmallHD, TVLogic, Marshall Electronics, Teradek, and Paralinx. A new built-in alarm protects your lipo battery and your gear from low voltage damage.

Eliminate drag and reduce weight with new flexCables.

The highly anticipated flexCables improve gimbal balance and performance. 200% more flexible and 33% lighter means less drag and easier cable wrangling. These cables can be wrapped, twisted, and bent to keep your rig tight without damage or crimping. flexCables are available for the microRemote and for the powerPack for gimbals. Preconfigured cable kits for Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin gimbals are optimized for each gimbal’s connectors and layout.

For More Information

For More Information

Pricing and Availability

Gimbal gear is available immediately from any of Redrock's worldwide authorized resellers, and direct from

About Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro revolutionized independent film production in the early 2000s with the M2 cinema lens adapter, and reinvented digital filmmaking in 2008 with HDSLR cinema rigs and accessories. Today, Redrock Micro continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning digital cinema rigs and accessories, DSLR rigs, depth-of-field adapters, stabilization and support gear, sophisticated focus controllers, and advanced cinema accessories. More information is available at

(cover photo credit: snap from Redrock Micro)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. darrylbradford  I can’t say with certainty (I don’t know), but this quote from RedRock Micro at least suggests one possibility:

    “…The powerPack can use any 12-18V input – including your gimbal’s lightweight LiPo battery…”

  2. HughBrownstone darrylbradford  really? what type of cable? any links for cables to power Paralinx,etc using with the powerbase?

    so are you saying the MoVi battery pictured is powering everything (MoVi, video monitor, follow focus)?


  3. darrylbradford HughBrownstone Truly, Darryl, I do not know — but at least, that is the implication from RedRock Micro which I quoted above.  Give ’em call, and let me know what you learn.  Good luck!

  4. HughBrownstone darrylbradford thanks…contacted them and waiting on a response

    thanks for your help

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