Mega Discounts for planet5D Readers at End-of-January SpeedLooks 3D LUT Sale

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LookLabs, maker of one of the most complete, most feature-rich collections of 3D LUTs for cinematic color grading, has launched an end-of-January 20%-off sale for both its latest LUT collections – Studio Log and Studio Linear. The discount runs until February 2nd inclusive.

But that is not all! There is a special added extra just for planet5D readers – an additional discount of 10% to 15% on top of that 20% discount. That means you get 35% off the regular price of SpeedLooks Studio Log and 30% off the regular price of SpeedLooks Linear.

How do I get my extra discount?

It couldn't be easier. Use these discount codes in the LookLabs shopping cart page, depending on which version of SpeedLooks you want to buy.

SpeedLooks Studio Log — P5DLOG

Click here to purchase.

SpeedLooks Linear — P5DLIN

Click here to purchase.

If you don’t use our special discount codes just for planet5D readers, you will still get 20% off until February 2.

If you do use them, you will get 35% off the regular price of SpeedLooks Studio Log and 30% off the usual price of SpeedLooks Linear.

The choice is yours! [bctt tweet=”Special Time-limited DISCOUNT on SpeedLooks cine 3D LUTs for planet5D readers. Get it NOW!”]


Tell me more about SpeedLooks Linear and SpeedLooks Studio Log

We‘ve already written about the 53 different cinematic movie looks that come in SpeedLooks Studio Log and SpeedLooks Linear, and the 21 different camera profiles included in SpeedLooks Studio Log. So we won’t say it all again right here.

Instead, here are the links to our previous stories:

* LookLabs Releases SpeedLooks 4 LUTs, Adds More Looks, A7S & GH4-Savvy Universal Profile

* SpeedLooks 4 Studio Log LUT Set, A Closer Look

* SpeedLooks Version 4 Shows its True Colors

And for the historically-minded of you, this is our article about SpeedLooks 3, the previous version:

* Two 3D LUT Sets from LookLabs – Adobe CC Complete & SpeedLooks for Editors

SpeedLooks 3D LUT



LookLabs’ website has plenty more information about their SpeedLooks cinematic color grading 3D LUTs including interactive look samples, product pages, tutorials and comments from happy buyers.

We are confident that if you choose to take advantage of this special, double-discount offer only available to you, our marvelous planet5D readers, up to and including February 2, you will never regret it.

(cover photo credit: snap from LookLabs)


  1. this always confuses me … these are pretty much useless for gh4 owners until we get v-log firmware upgrade, correct ?

  2. hi .. this always baffles me a bit. these speedlooks are useless for GH4 owners until we get a v-log thru firmware upgrade, no ?

  3. Just ordered the Linear version for Avid 8 and PP6… but having trouble importing the presets into Avid… any tips?


  4. Has anyone had success contacting support? Our computer crashed and I have been trying to get a hold of support to get a link so we can download the software to no avail. They dont supply a phone number on their site.

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