Massive Canon Camera & Lens Announcements Coming February 6

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According to Canon Rumors, some big – possibly very big – new camera and lens announcements are due from Canon on Friday February 6. Two high megapixel cameras, including an EOS M3 mirrorless, an EOS 750D/Rebel T6i and the long-awaited EF 11-24 f/4L look like being included. The announcement comes in advance of Japan’s massive CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015.

Canon cameras may no longer be the only DSLR video game in town but they still have their place in many moviemaker’s kit bags including mine. It is crucial that we continue to report on Canon products despite the obstacles we find in our way.

My partner no longer works at Canon due to the many and various rounds of staff cuts around the planet so embargoed and NDA information is no longer available from that direction. Thank goodness, then, for rumor sites like Canon Rumors that seem to have the inside edge on the brand that helped spur planetMitch to create planet5D in the first place.

Product details will only be released on Friday 6th, so all we can is speculate around what Canon Rumors can tell us, that there will be two high-end, high megapixel-count DSLRs, one with an AA (anti-aliasing) filter and one without. [bctt tweet=”Canon to reveal new high-end cameras and lenses on Feb 6 in advance of massive CP+ camera show.”]

That sounds a little like what Nikon did when it released the D800 and D800E in 2012. Nikon replaced both cameras with the no-AA D810 in 2014. According to DPReview’s Nikon D810 First Impress Review:

… the practical difference in raw detail reproduction between the D800 and D800E was minimal except in a very narrow range of circumstances…

It is tempting to wonder if Canon’s version of Nikon’s two-camera solution back in 2012 might eventually end up the same way. Until we have some hard facts, though, speculation must remain just that.

Also unconfirmed at this stage is the actual megapixel count in both cameras, said to be 53MP. That puts it just above the 51.4 million pixels of the Pentax 645Z that Luminous Landscape and Philip Bloom fell in love with and reported on last year and recently respectively.

Both pixel counts – 51.4 and 53 – may be way too much for practical moviemaking but they certainly have a place in high-end stills photography especially where detail is of the essence and big cameras are not a liability. Adding 53MP to Canon’s DSLR lineup will tempt many professionals and enthusiasts into adding one of the two new cameras to their collections. Just so long as they have enough storage space for files that are so massive straight out of the camera!

The EOS M3 will be Canon’s third attempt at an interchangeable lens mirrorless alternative to its DSLR mainstays and it may be third time lucky. Interviews with Canon staffers last year mentioned that the Japanese camera-maker was beginning to take non-DSLRs seriously so we shall see whether the M3 will gain credibility and buyers amongst already dedicated mirrorless camera users.

If not, then the possibility remains that Canon DSLR owners may add an M3 as a second, more portable, back-up camera body to their kits.

In another article Canon Rumors reports that the price of the EF 11-24 f/4L may be in the vicinity of $3000 USD. Eye-wateringly high. Given the exchange rates these days and pricing practices in other markets like the UK and Australia, watering eyes may be the least of it. Some potential buyers may find themselves crying instead.

Canon Rumors is correct – at that price the lens will need to have remarkable optical performance. I am just glad that I have turned Micro Four Thirds cameras as my daily standards now. Even the best and costliest MFT lenses are not behind reach if you are determined enough and willing to make some fiscal sacrifices. USD3000+ is something else again.

But then, if you can afford to add one or two 53mp DSLRs to your collection, the 11-24mm f/4L probably won’t damage your bank balance in the slightest. And more power to your arm too!

On the other hand, the new Rebel T6i aka 750D may be just the thing, depending on its as yet unknown specifications and moviemaking capabilities.

Big Announcements Coming Next Week

Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told the embargo/NDA expires on Friday, February 6, 2015 for these upcoming products. These products would line up with the CP+ show in Japan next month.

Canon Announcement


  • The two high megapixel cameras, with and without an AA filter. Resolution is said to be 53mp (though the pixel count is not CR3)
  • The EOS Rebel T6i/750D.
  • EF 11-24 f/4L
  • EOS M3 Camera
  • Various PowerShot cameras

We weren’t given any specifications for any of the cameras, just that they’d be made public at the end of next week.

Read full article from Canon Rumors “Big Announcements Coming Next Week”

(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


  1. I’ve been a Canon shooter since the implementation of the EOS system with the 620. Last week I bought some Panasonic gear and have discovered the ease of use of MFT. I sold some Canon gear this week.

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