Gotham 7.5K The Scariest & Most Beautiful Flight of My Career

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Many of you know Vincent Laforet because of reverie and his contributions to the DSLR filmmaking community, so you may not know that he was originally Pulitzer Prize winning photographer!

Vincent has made some amazing photographs over the years, but this recent set of photos that he has just released that he shot over the city of New York are just mind-boggling.

I have been to New York several times, but I have never ever seen it in this amazing way and I just had to share some of this with you.

Maybe it is just that New York has some kind of magical quality or it has been embellished in the movies so much but it really feels to an outsider like it is some kind of magical place. Maybe people who live there don't feel that way, or maybe they do, but I know Vincent definitely feels that it is magical and you can see that in these photos.

I’m still a huge fan of photography and this set is something to see… make sure you click thru to see more! [bctt tweet=”Vincent Laforet's HOT New York Aerial pix get more attention than Reverie and MōVI combined?”] 

Note: today (2015-01-15) Vincent posted that he's getting some AMAZING interest in these photos! More attention than Reverie and the MōVI announcement combined? WOW

But this latest series of “Night Over” New York City Photographs that I photographed at a high altitude over the Big Apple may just have eclipsed those those and all of the other things I’ve done… and potentially COMBINED.

Simply put – it’s safe to say that these images struck a chord with people from around the world. My head is definitely still spinning.

But this is likely just the start… following millions of views, many dozen interviews from around the globe, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see more of another series of these images.

Gotham 7.5K – A Rare High Altitude Night Flight Above NYC

Via Vincent Laforet:

Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night…

And seeing this:

Gotham 7.5K

It is both exhilarating and terrifying all at once…

Let's just start off by saying this was the scariest helicopter “photo mission” of my career…

And the most beautiful


Gotham 7.5k image 2

I've flown on “aerial missions” over The Big Apple more than 50 times over the past decade and a half, and I've flown several hundred hours of photo flights around the world… And this was by far the most frightening flight of all.

And nothing “eventful” whatsoever happened.

My cameras & I were safely harnessed in at all times. The pilot was top notch. The wind was … Well it was a factor.

Gotham 7.5k image 3

But the real scary part was that there's just simply nothing quite like leaning out of that chopper over the sea of darkness and light, held in only by a full body harness…There is no chance that you will fall – the harness is tried and true. But you DO think about the fall.

And you think about it again … And again … And how long you would have to think things over from that height all the way down to the ground below.

And then you start to think about the helicopter, and how it's not exactly the most aerodynamically stable aircraft up there in the first place …. But I digress.

Back to the Pictures! (That's what I kept telling myself in case you were wondering…)

See more photos and read full article “Gotham 7.5K The Scariest & Most Beautiful Flight of My Career”

Gotham From Above

(cover photo credit: snap from Vincent Laforet)

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