Global Cinematography Institute – something for you? by Mimi Fuenzalida

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This is a guest post from Mimi Fuenzalida – I had the great pleasure of meeting her a couple of years ago at the Letus product release for their line of rigs created by Shane Hurlbut (see an image of her shot at that event at the bottom of the post – I was standing just to the side when that pic was taken <grin>.

I was very impressed by Mimi's go-get-em attitude and I know she's going to have a great filmmaking career. 

By Mimi Fuenzalida (website)

Last week I completed a 2-week Cinematography class/workshop at the Global Cinematography Institute (GCI). It was absolutely fantastic! I had heard about the Institute when it first opened and the idea of spending time on set with such masters in the field, such as cinematographer Vilmos Sigmond, ASC, was a sell for me.

Vilmos and Yuri Neyman, ASC co-founded the Institute. Each of them teaches one of the program classes—Vilmos teaches “Feature Films Lighting” and Yuri, “Foundations of Lighting and Composition”. Their knowledge and approach to teaching and mentoring is extraordinary. In their classes they are able to perfectly combine the art of cinematography with the technical knowledge required to achieve that artistic vision. In this ever changing digital world, staying current with all the technical developments can sometimes overshadow the value of maintaining my aesthetic. This was the perfect place to work on achieving a balance between the two. Their experience in the field and their passion for craft combined with the course outline they’ve created have laid an important and much needed foundation for my work.


Global Cinematography Institute


Besides providing a very solid structure to help shape my visual skills as a cinematographer, their course also provided me with in-depth training in virtual cinematography, visual effects and other valuable tools to function in this digital era. [bctt tweet=”I recommend Global Cinematography Institute to any cinematographer”]

All instructors (many of them award-winning cinematographers) are successfully working in the field. Having the opportunity for on-set sessions where I was able to soak in their knowledge as well as ask questions and dissect their films was invaluable.

Global Cinematography Institute

As I understand, each session varies according to the instructors’ schedule and sometimes you get unexpected surprises, such as a visit from cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, ASC, who shared with us the beginnings of his career and broke down Nebraska, sharing his lighting techniques for various scenes.

I am looking forward to session 2 and my continuing development in this field.

I recommend Global Cinematography Institute to anyone who yearns for more knowledge and wants to fine-tune their craft as a cinematographer.


About Global Cinematography Institute

The Global Cinematography Institute (GCI) is devoted to the educational steps towards the extension of the cinematographers profession into the digital and virtual based creative realms.

Global Cinematography Institute

Along with upgrading the students with knowledge and experience of Traditional Cinematography sujects such as Lighting, Film, Composition, etc. – The Global Cinematography Institute also teaches new classes reflecting the requirements of today's artistic methods and technology such as Virtual Cinematography, i.e. both real and virtual pre-production, production and post-production along with digital pre-visualization.

Classes include discussion on the History of Cinematography and Visual Art, along with discussions of technical and scientific dilemmas which effect contemporary cinematographers. The school is also open to directors, producers and actors who need to have a better understanding of the nature of the cinematographers work.

Learn more about Global Cinematography Institute HERE

About Mimi Fuenzalida:

Mimi Fuenzalida shooting

Mimi Fuenzalida at the reigns of awesome gear at the Letus/Shane Hurlbut event

Born in Santiago, Chile, Mimi Fuenzalida spent her early years in Chile and Argentina. At the age of 13, she was given a 35 mm camera. Learning to develop her own film she discovered a passion for capturing images. In her early twenties, she relocated to Los Angeles.

Dedicated to her continued growth she has honed and perfected her skills learning from accomplished professionals such as Gale Tattersal, Director of Photography for House MD, and others. And now, embracing new technology, Mimi is accomplished in the world of DSLR filmmaking.

(More of her biography here)


(cover photo credit: snap from Thomas Susemihl)

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