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Flickr: Forget Canon vs. Nikon. Now It’s Canon vs. Apple

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And maybe coming soon: Apple vs. Samsung? 2014 stats from photo sharing site Flickr confirm what we already knew: the photo world is changing BIG TIME. 

Told you so.

Top Brands Overall

It’s not just that Apple supplanted Nikon as the #2 camera brand with Flickr users across all platforms in 2014 (9.6% vs 9.3%, compared to Canon’s commanding though essentially flat 13.4% share).

It's also that Sony ownership among all Flickr users rose from 3.5% in 2013 to 4.2% in 2014 (a 20% jump).

But the biggest move of all was Samsung, jumping from 2.4% to 5.6% (a whopping 133% increase) to surpass Sony and move into the #4 spot.

While we can chalk up Sony’s growth to the A7 and a6000, it is Samsung’s rise that is especially notable — and curious.


It's notable because of the relative growth.

But it's curious because Samsung’s place in the smartphone firmament pales in comparison to Apple's. The Galaxy siblings commanded just 2.3% of smartphone users on Flickr compared to the iPhone’s massive 24.9% share (with an additional 1.4% attributed to the iPad and iPad mini).

And this in turn leaves the unanswered question: what other Samsung cameras make up the rest of their 5.6% share across all platforms? After all, Samsung also makes a pile of tablets; point and shoots; and now higher end mirrorless ILCs. Where are they showing up — and where will they show at this time next year?


Still, the traditional camera manufacturers  dominate Flickr ownership, with Canon and Nikon among the top five brands accounting for 22.7% of the total.

But that’s across all platforms, and both manufacturers have a pile of consumer mirrorless models.

Several of Canon's individual models dominate Flickr’s top 10 DSLR list with a combined 11.7% of all DSLR ownership, vs. Nikon’s 8.2% share.

So: if you really want to continue obsessing about Nikon vs. Canon, you're obsessing over a shrinking slice of the pie.

At least, the Flickr pie.



Sony increased its lead in the mirrorless segment, with its individual camera models in the top 10 mirrorless list jumping from a 10.6% to 14% share. All boats rose here except Panasonic (fascinating given their highly regarded and refreshed product line, though this may say more about the typical Flickr user than anything else). Olympus grew from 6.3% to 7% share due to its higher-end E-M1 and E-M5, while Fuji’s similarly higher-end X-T1 and X-E1 were responsible for Fuji’s growth from a 3.5% to 4.8% share.

Across Platforms

Apple was responsible for 6.7% of the top 10 individual cameras in 2014, while in this constrained analysis across all platforms Nikon’s top 10 finishers came in second place with a combined 2.8% and Canon brought up the rear at 2.5%.


While these are just a small taste of the much larger data set Flickr collects – and it has to be said that Flickr users may or may not be a representative sampling of photographers overall – a couple of conclusions seem appropriate.

At least in this sphere, the old Canon vs. Nikon debate is essentially meaningless, as the for the second year running the top 10 individual cameras owned – across all platforms – are dominated by Apple, which has in fact increased its share.

Unlike the Betamax vs. VHS battle of several decades ago, Sony seems to be winning the battle against MFT consortium players Olympus and Panasonic while Fuji continues to be an interesting but very niche player.

Taken together, these all point to what appear to me to be three very simple truths:

1. Superior design and value – i.e., listening to, acting upon and anticipating customer priorities to create a compelling, total experience — are chipping away at the crumbling legacy advantages of inertia, sunk investment and advertising-driven loyalty.

2. Fewer products that really nail it are enough to take share from the scads of models offered by the big two.

3. Which, in fact, aren’t that big when compared to Apple, Samsung or Sony in their respective entireties.

But hey, that’s just me pontificating based on what as I wrote above may or may not be a representative sample of the larger photo industry.

What do YOU think?

The Most Popular Cameras on Flickr in 2014

Via Petapixel:

2014 Most Popular Cameras

What are the most popular cameras used in the Flickr community? Now that 2014 is in the past, the photo sharing service has done some serious crunching on EXIF data to figure out which cameras were the most popular among its users over the course of the year. Here’s a look into the findings.

Top Camera Brand: Canon (13.4%)

The Most Popular Cameras on Flickr in 2014 Canon

Runner ups: Apple (9.6%), Nikon (9.3%), Samsung (5.6%), Sony (4.2%)

Canon is still the top dog when it comes to camera brands being used by Flickr users. It’s share actually increased from 13% the year before. Apple has also surpassed Nikon and Samsung has surpassed Sony when compared to 2013 rankings.

Top DSLR: Canon 7D (2.4%)

The Most Popular Cameras on Flickr in 2014 Canon 7D

Runner ups: Nikon D7000 (2.4%), Canon 60D (2.3%), Canon 5D Mark III (2.2%), Nikon D3100 (2.0%)

The Canon 7D is the most popular DSLR on Flickr. When compared with 2013 rankings, the Nikon D90 has fallen out of the top 5 and has been replaced by the Canon 5D Mark III.

Read full article at Petapixel “The Most Popular Cameras on Flickr in 2014”


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