CineBootCamps Films Premiered at Canon

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Just as Canon opened the door to filmmakers with the introduction of the 5D Mark II five short years ago, and Amy Kawadler of Canon helped us start the CineBootCamps, Amy again graciously opened the doors to Canon's Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center to premiere eleven films made by filmmakers at our CineBootCamps.

Pic APremiere

The eleven films were shot as a part of our two-day bootcamps. The themes vary – murder, suicide, resilience, belief, hope, abuse, young love, discovery, and bringing the joy of Christmas to children.  Some themes were “flash-created” at our bootcamps at the California Photo Festival, some at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, and others in Oregon and at our studio, which adjoins Warner Brothers in Burbank, California. Click here to take a look at the short films students shot on their second day of training.

Pic B Canon-Premieres-Eleven-Films

DSLR Filmmaking with CineBootCamps

Our CineBootCamps are the only two-day workshops that have students actually shoot a film which is then edited, color graded and scored with original music and then exhibited on Vimeo and entered in festivals so students can get an IMDB credit.

Besides getting everything they need to snag a job, BootCampers also receive a free t-shirt emblazoned with a motto that sums up our approach to training: LIFE'S TOUGH. GET A HELMET.  So we don't talk a lot. We just shoot, shoot, shoot…believing that you learn by doing.  It's called Active Learning technology which is endorsed by Columbia University and UC Berkeley. It's the keystone of our CineBootCamps.  It's the reason we're the highest-rated DSLR bootcamp, per student survey, in the world.

dslr filmmaking

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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